WoW Classic TBC Champion of the Naaru Title Guide

With World of Warcraft Classic TBC now out for a few weeks, perhaps you have seen it around on players names – the title Champion of the Naaru, one of the coolest titles in TBC, reminiscent of an epic questline which has you go all over Outland killing the strongest foes that WoW The Burning Crusade has to offer. And eventually just like it’s sometimes the case with epic titles, this one will be removed and whoever has it will be looked up upon.

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WoW Classic TBC Champion of the Naaru Title

Champion of the Naaru is a title added in Burning Crusade to reward players who have completed the long and epic quest chain required to obtain the Tempest Key, an item which was initially required to enter the Tempest Ke parade but that was later removed in patch 2.1.2, so to reward players who still went through the trouble to complete this quest line, later in past 2.3 Blizzard rewarded everyone who did it with the title Champion of the Naaru. The aviator mobile app download is supported even on older smartphones. The option is chosen based on the operating system.

How To Get The Rarest Title – Champion of the Naaru In Classic TBC?

In Classic TBC, the title is obtainable right away from phase 1 for whoever completes the chain. But obviously Tempest Key is not released yet and we’re not sure whether Blizzard will make obtaining the Tempest Key a requirement to zone into the raid for players. Nonetheless you’re here for one reason and that is to obtain the title. So without further ado, let’s get into it with this guide from UTPLAY.COM.

This chain comes in two major parts:

  • The first part is mostly soloable and takes place in Shadowmoon Valley
  • The second part requires you to clear multiple heroic dungeons and all the raids available in phase 1, that is Karazhan, Gruel and Mctheridin.

Chapter 1. Oronok

In the Fel Burning Roads of Shadowmoon Valley lies two small garrisons: ShadowMoon Village and Wildhammer Stronghold, this is where your journey to obtain the title Champion of the Naaru begins. Speak with either Earthmender Sufferers or Earthmender Splinthoof depending on your faction, to take the quest the Hand of Gul’dan, either NPCs will send you to Earthmender Torlock near the Hand of Golden Volcano, this is where you turn in the first quest.

Earthmender Torlock will have you do a few quests to capture an elemental of every type. There’s three quests to do, each asking you to capture a different type of elemental and once you do that an RP event will start where Torlock and his companion will speak to the elementals offering them vengeance from their master Cyrukh, you can then proceed with picking the next quest or Knock-Torn Heart. This will send you to the Oronok Tornheart up north near the Koilskar Cistern entrance who might be the only person in the world who knows how to summon the elemental lord syruc. But obviously Oronok refuses to speak until you help him with some personal matters.

What follows is a couple of pick x item and kill x amount of mob’s quests the quests are called I Was a Lot of Things and A Lesson Learned, both are quite easy and take place in the fields up north.

Once you have completed A Lesson Learned, Oronok will finally be willing to speak to you about your quest for The Cipher of Domination which are the words needed to summon the elemental lord Cyrukh, Oronok then tells you a story revealing that The Cipher of Domination are the last words that Gul’dan used to shatter draenor into what is known today as Outland, he also tells you that Illidan is the one who fined the Cipherand decided to split it in three parts and charge his lieutenants to take care of them. Oronok sent his three sons to recover these chapters and your mission is now to speak to each one of them and help them recover each part and bring it to him.

Oronok will now give you three quests each one sending you to one of his sons and each one having its own set of quests, all of these can be done solo except one which we will get to in a moment.

Charter 2. First Fragment

Let’s start with Grom’tor, you will find him in the Grom’tor point not far from where you picked the last request. There you’ll find gromtalk torturing a naga prisoner, he reveals to you that the first fragment of the cipher is hidden in a chest in either the Grom’tor point or the coil scar cistern, and in true wow fashion you’ll need to open a bunch of them until the RNG is good enough to you that you’ll find it.

So head down south and just kill all the mobs you see around until you get the keys, and use the keys to open the chests placed randomly around here once you get the first fragment return to Grom’tor, turn in the quest and take the next one which will have you return to his father Oronok.

Chapter 3. Second Fragment

But before you go back to Oronok, let’s first get the last two remaining fragments.

Go to the Illidan point southwest of Shadowmoon Valley on top of the Wildhammer Stronghold, there you will find Ar’tor’s dead body hanging in the air surrounded by demons, interact with him and get the quest demonic crystal prison, this will have you kill Painmistress Gabriessa on north of here to get the crystalline key from her.

Return to Ar’tor’s corpse, turn in the quest and his spirit will appear before you, he will charge you with completing the quest that he failed to accomplish himself, and he will give you some WoW Classic TBC gold and the next quest – Lohn’goron, Bow of the Torn-heart, which is his longbow that a demon stole from him.

Again in true wow fashion, you will have to kill a bunch of mobs until they randomly drop the longbow, return it to him and take the next quest -The Cipher of Domination – Ar’tor’s Charge.

You will then have to travel south accompanied by Ar’tor until a demon called Veneratus the Many appears. Kill Veneratus and loot him to recover the second part of the Cipher of Domination.

Go back to the middle of the demon town and speak with the spirit of Ar’tor again, he will then ask you to take the fragment to his father, but before that we must finish the last part of this quest – the third fragment.

Chapter 4. Third Fragment

South of Shadowmoon Valley and north of Eclipse point, you will find Borak who reveals to you that he has been unsuccessful in gathering any clues about the third fragment but that Illidan sends an envoy here every day borak has not been able to separate the envoy from his bodyguard though but he has a plan.The envoy appears to be addicted to blood thistle, so you’ll need to get your hands on some before proceeding.

Take the quest Of Thistleheads and Eggs and head west to the arakkoa ruins nearby, there loot the rotten arakkoa eggs until you get one in your inventory.

Once you have it, head to Shattrat and speak with Tobias in lower city, this will start a hilarious RP event where Tobias cracks open the putrid rotten egg and drinks its content. Making everyone around him puke, he will then give you the next quest The Bundle of Bloodthistle. With the bloodthistle now in your possession, you can head back to Borak in Shadowmoon Valley and turn in the quest.

The next quest To Catch A Thistlehead will have you place the blood vessel at the other end of the bridge, opposite to where Borak stands until Envoy Icarius comes and smells the blood tissue, he then asks his bodyguard to go forward on his own and that’s your chance to deal the final blow to aquarius and recover the Stormrage Missive.

Return to Borak turn in the quest and pick the next one The Shadowmoon Shuffle. Borak will charge you with retrieving six pieces of Eclipsion Armor from the Eclipsion Blood Elves down south, and obviously not all of them will drop it.

But after you get 6 pieces of armor, head back to Borak, he will then give you the quest – What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets, where he asks you to equip the Eclipsion Disguise and enter the eclipse point.

Heads out and just follow the stairs path until you see Grand Commander Ruusk, speak to him until you convince him to transfer the third fragment of the Cipher of Domination to another location.

Go back to Borak and pick the last quest – The Cipher of Domination, Borak’s Charge, this is where you’ll need a group of four to five players to help you . Between the Warden’s Charge and the Dragon Maul Fortress, you will find Ruul the Darkener a blood elf riding a nether drake, this guy hits hard and has a lot of HP, so we suggest you get at least four other players to help you with this including a tank and a healer.

But once you kill Ruul, loot him to get the third and final fragment of the Cipher of Domination, head back to Borak,he will then send you back to his father Oronok.

Once you’re back at Oronok, return all three quests that you should now have to him and he will give you the last quest of the first part of the Champion of the Naaru title – the Cipher of Domination.

Chapter 5. Cipher of Damnation

Remember why we got the cipher of domination to summon sirek the fire lord, again here you will need a group of five players, so head back to the Ar’tor of domination at the base of the hand of gul’dan volcano, and click the cipher of domination, this will summon a giant fel fire elemental and an RP event will start.

Speak with Oronok when you’re ready and with the help of four other players, take down Cyrukh. Once you succeeded, speak with Earthmender Torlock to turn in the quest, this ends the first part of the Champion of the Naaru questline.

The second part is more straightforward but will have you do tougher challenges like clearing heroic dungeons and raids.

To start the second questline for the Champion of the Naaru – the Trials of the Naaru, you must head to Shattrath and speak with Khadgar, he will give you the quest – The Tempest Key, which you can turn into a doll just nearby, this will unlock three Trials of the Naaru quest – Mercy, Strength and Tenacity, grab all of them. Let’s talk about what you’ll need to do from easiest to hardest:

Chapter 6. Trial of the Naaru: Strength

First, Trial of the Naaru: Strength requires you to clear steam vaults and shadow labs in heroic, just do a full run and loot the bosses at the end to complete this quest, easy enough, although remember that heroic dungeons are no joke to complete especially early on in the expansion and you will need to be revered with both the cinereon expedition and lower city to access both of those dungeons in heroic.

Chapter 7. Trial of the Naaru: Mercy

Next, Trial of the Naaru: Mercy has you save 3 prisoners from heroic shadow tolls by reaching the last boss fast enough before he executes them. Basically after you kill the first boss Grand Warlock Nederosk, you will have 55 minutes to clear the rest of the instance and kill Kurgath Bladefist. It should be easy enough, but if you keep wiping and fail this quest you’ll have to try again the next day, as heroic dungeons only reset every day.

Chapter 8. Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity

Next, Trial of the Naaru: Tenacityrequires you to do a run of heroic Arcatraz  with one small catch you need to keep Milhouse Manastorm alive throughout the fight, with the last boss so ask your healer to heal him as much as possible. Again it should be easy enough but if you fail this you’ll have to try again the next day.

Chapter 9. Cudgel of Kar’Desh

You’re almost there now, the first to last quest is the Cudgel of Kardash, head to heroic slave pens and speak with Skar, who is a naga that you will find once you do the big jump in the water close to the end of the dungeon. Skar will give you the quest – Cudgel of Kar’Desh which asks you to recover the elemental signet from Gruul the Dragonkiller in Gruel’s Lair and the blazing signet from nightbane in Karazhan. Obviously those are raids and it’s hard to tell how hard of a time you will have to kill those bosses, but it is worth noting that nightbane is considered harder than gruul, so make sure you have a decent enough raid once you take on those challenges. Just loot them and that should give you their signets which you can turn in back to Skar and heroic slavepens. You should now be attuned to serpent shrine caverns. Again if Blizzard decides to have those attunements required once the raids are released.

Chapter 10. Trail of The Naaru: Magtheridon

Your final challenge to get the title is finally here – Trail of The Naaru: Magtheridon. Pick this quest from A’dal and shatrat and head to mctheroden’s lair with 24 other players to take on mctheridin. This boss is not easy, especially if your raid lacks coordination. But if you manage to kill him, you can then head back to A’dal to retrieve your amazing title – Champion of the Naaru. Super Star Gossip Contributor Dina Lohan’s former fiance Jesse Nadler dishes on his roller-coaster relationship with the high-profile and often controversial

Congratulations on becoming Champion of the Naaru, this quest is an amazing and epic forgotten questline which is available right away in Classic TBC!