Why You Should Trust HealthTap

Whether you’re looking for a new doctor, or just need to check in with an existing physician, why not trust the doctors at HealthTap? They’ve created an augmented intelligence system that will guide you to the care you need. In addition, they have a network of doctors who are high quality and accessible.

Online telemedicine service revolutionizing healthcare

Using cutting-edge technology, HealthTap is revolutionizing healthcare. Their mission is to connect individuals, businesses and health care organizations to better healthcare services. They use artificial intelligence to help diagnose patients and manage treatments. They provide a variety of free information, as well as lab orders, referrals, men’s and women’s care, and preventative care.

HealthTap’s online telemedicine service allows members to access doctors from their home. They provide access to doctors who can offer care and advice, and provide referrals to specialists.

HealthTap uses AI-based technology to give patients information before their virtual consultation, as well as guidance for their next step. They also offer question prompts and symptom checkers. This helps patients decide if they need a virtual consultation. They offer a wide range of services, including referrals, lab orders, men’s and women’s care, prevention and mental health.

Doctor-trained augmented intelligence system guides users to care they need

Using AI algorithms, HealthTap’s doctor-trained augmented intelligence system guides users to the care they need. It’s a simple, consumer-friendly interface that connects you to doctors on demand. With HealthTap, you can receive video consultations, text messages, voice commands, and more.

In its latest platform update, HealthTap demonstrates that it’s been listening to its users. The new platform includes several major improvements including an updated augmented intelligence system.

HealthTap has answered over seven billion health queries to date, demonstrating its commitment to providing consumers with the best in healthcare. As a pioneer of digital health, HealthTap is also leading the charge in reducing the cost of healthcare for everyone.

HealthTap’s new augmented intelligence system, which is powered by HOPES, enables instant access to physicians. Users can receive video consultations in just a few minutes.

High-quality network of doctors

Founded in 2007, HealthTap is a leading virtual primary care provider that offers real-time access to doctors. A primary care provider (PCP) conducts a comprehensive review of the patient’s health history, risk factors, medications, and social determinants.

HealthTap’s proprietary technology allows users to find and connect with a doctor of their choice. Users can send written or anonymous questions to doctors and receive a response within 24 hours.

HealthTap’s network of doctors includes 90,000 physicians from 147 specialties. Doctors have an average of 21 years of clinical experience. Doctors can earn Category 1 CME credits by answering real health questions directly on HealthTap.

HealthTap’s primary care providers conduct comprehensive reviews of patient lab values and risk factors. This helps doctors determine whether a patient is at risk for an illness.


Hundreds of millions of people across the globe have access to trusted health advice through HealthTap. This telehealth service is available from any desktop or mobile device. The application allows users to make appointments, text their doctor, share test results and medication information, and more. Regardless of whether the patient has insurance, HealthTap provides cost-effective, reliable healthcare.

To ensure that users receive quality care, HealthTap requires physicians to have a valid medical license. It also requires that providers have an NPI number in good standing.

During virtual consultations, HealthTap uses its proprietary AI system to triage symptoms. This system presents potential causes and suggests the best steps for care. The system is designed to allow patients to avoid unnecessary urgent care. The system also presents a list of question prompts to help the physician analyze the patient’s symptoms.


Whether you’re on the road or just at home, HealthTap delivers top-notch virtual healthcare services. The company connects patients with doctors from its nationwide network of 90,000 volunteer health care providers. They’re available around the clock to provide you with quality primary care. And they even offer Urgent Care.

HealthTap’s innovative technology helps doctors do their jobs faster, safer, and better. For example, the company’s AI system can automatically provide information to physicians before a virtual consultation. It presents symptoms, possible causes, and the best course of action.

The company also provides its members with an AI-powered symptom checker. It also has a library of health-related questions. In addition, HealthTap’s dashboard has robust security controls.

HealthTap has also partnered with Samsung. It plans to provide primary care services on smart TVs. The company believes the partnership will be especially helpful to the senior population.