Why you should be more attentive when choosing the right solar battery?

Solar storage may be incredibly valuable to solar owners, whether it’s to keep important loads running during a power outage or to strategically balance demand charges for a lower energy bill. Solar batteries provide free energy generated by your solar system when you most need it.

For households and companies who desire to generate their own energy, solar energy and energy storage have long been ideal companions. However, the energy storage side of the equation has never made financial sense, partly because to the high cost of batteries and partly due to the fact that solar owners may export electricity to the grid under net metering.

When selecting for a battery, consider the following three elements that determine its longevity:

  • Depth of Discharge: This is the percentage of the battery’s capacity that has been discharged or consumed. Because batteries degrade over time as they are used, their capacity decreases.
  • The number of charge and discharge cycles a battery has is referred to as its cyclic life. Flooded batteries generally survive between 300 and 700 cycles in normal operation. Gel batteries have the ability to store and provide peak power for 500 to 5000 cycles. Lithium batteries may be recharged 200 times.
  • Temperature: As the temperature rises, so does the chemical activity inside the batteries. Install your solar batteries in a temperature-controlled environment to increase their life.
  • Cycle Life: The most important factor to consider is cycle life, which refers to how many discharge/charge cycles a battery can handle before its capacity reduces to a certain percentage of its rated capacity. The capacity and energy content of batteries from different manufacturers may be the same, as well as their weight. The battery’s cycle life is influenced by its design, materials, manufacturing method, and quality.

Choose the right battery

The importance of battery size is often underestimated by users and installers. Batteries in PV systems are frequently inadequate owing to cost or underestimating system demands. It’s critical to understand and plan for the customer’s power requirements. Many battery manufacturers’ and other software’s online calculators make estimating battery capacity for load requirements simple.

Warranty and Brand

Many different solar battery manufacturer complete with each other to create the perfect solar battery. As a result of the differences in their design and production methods, the end products are likewise varied.

When it comes to solar batteries, the brand matters. Whether you buy a battery created by a fresh startup or a well established solar firm should be determined by your objectives and budget. Whatever you choose, make sure to read the warranty information carefully and choose the device with the longest warranty. In India, Loom Solar is a leading and fastest growing Solar brand which is providing the best and durable solar products such as Lithium Ion batteries, Tier 1 Solar panels with highest efficiency, Solar inverters which can monitor the voltage of your solar power system.

Despite the fact that batteries have gotten more economical in recent years, they will almost certainly demand a large investment. At Loom Solar, we want you to make the best selection possible and end up with a solar storage system that matches your specific needs.