Why Should You Hire a Long-term Disability Claims Attorney

It’s common knowledge that if you currently have a disability that is long-term, you’ll be able to file a claim for long-term disability insurance. However, as easy as it may sound that you are eligible for compensation, securing it is very difficult. That too, without an attorney. Believe us when we tell you, having a disability claims attorney will significantly help your case, as they will take care of the hassle of negotiating with insurance companies. 

So the question remains, are you preparing to file a claim? Read on to learn more about the basics of long-term disability insurance claims.

SSD vs long-term disability claims:

Unlike the social security disability claims that are granted by the state government, long-term disability claims are much more tricky to handle. The only reason for this is that insurance companies are not willing to pay you any kind of compensation. Think about it, with thousands of people filing a claim, the insurance companies cannot approve each and every application. So the more applications for compensation they reject, the more money they make. 

Filing a claim again:

Can you file a claim again if the first one was denied? The answer is yes. The next major thing to keep in mind is the timeline within which you can file a claim again in case the previous one is denied. Usually, you only have 6 months to file a claim, starting from the day on which the first claim was rejected. 

But if something similar has happened to you, it would be wise to contact an attorney for help. You should also be looking for a different attorney if it didn’t work out with another one the first time around. 

Dealing with the insurance company:

As we have already figured out, insurance companies will try to dismiss your claim. So, if you work part-time or only for some hours, the insurance company may see it as an opportunity to reject your claim. No matter what happens, if you’re unable to work, you should be able to recover damages. To be safe from any complexities, hire an attorney right away. 

Final thoughts:

When you file a long-term disability claim, it’s important for you to have all your documents in order. Apart from that, you also need to understand the maneuvers that insurance companies play to trick you. To stay ahead of their game, get an attorney.