Why People Are Moving To OTT Entertainment?

It is the era of development in technology. Along with the technology, the needs and the requirements of people are also changing. The same is applicable when it comes to modes of entertainment. People nowadays are moving more towards the OTT and streaming mode of entertainment. Binge-watching is the trend of today’s time.

What led to this change?

Change in the modes of entertainment is not only the result of digitalization and technology development. It is much more than that. The traditional ways of entertainment are undoubtedly good but the quest for the best led to the era of OTT platforms and streaming websites like 123movies. The older forms of entertainment had a limited genre and now everyone is bored of it.

Freshness is required in everything. The same goes for entertainment also. The OTT platforms and streaming websites not only provide a wide range of entertainment but also have many options to choose from in every genre. May it be a comedy, family drama, action, romance, crime, emotion every human feeling is having an entertainment genre with hundreds of shows in each genre.

Also, the OTT platforms and streaming websites are faster entertainment. The web series and shows on them unlike serials do not continue for years and years. The web series or the shows have got a certain number of episodes and even you watch one each day then that can be completed in 10 days around. This is beneficial to people who want a break for some days and are searching for entertainment sources at that time.

Along with this as technology developed and smartphones are in everyone’s hands now. So entertainment is also in everybody’s hands and that to from the comfort of home.

So the fast entertainment with a wide variety of options to choose from led to a change in the mode of entertainment.

The binge-watching culture

As the OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and streaming websites like 123 movies came into existence the binge-watch culture came along. Binge watch in simple terms is continuous watching of a show or a web series and completing the entire of it within a day or two. This culture is more in trend among the youth. Mostly on weekends, binge-watching is favorite leisure activity among the youth.

Some might prefer to binge-watch individually while some of them enjoy it with a group of friends or cousins. Not only web series or shows but cricket matches, hockey matches or any sports tournament, latest movies, etc. all are available on this platform which makes it more in use.

How binge-watch becomes a habit?

Binge-watch is among the favorite leisure activity for a quite long now. But the binge-watch culture was at its peak when the covid entered the lives of all. During the situation of crisis amidst the lockdown, everyone was at home. No new entertainment shows or movies were coming up as everything was shut down.

During that time OTT platforms and streaming websites like 123movies came to the rescue of people from boredom. These streaming websites and OTT platforms have got thousands of web series and show on them. Since earlier no one got time to watch all of them lockdown gave this opportunity to people. Everyone either with family or individually enjoyed the web series and shows.

Who is watching what, what is to be watched next, which series or show is the best this all was a part of every group discussion on calls and video calls. Even after the situation of crisis is getting normal but the binge watch culture is not getting back to normal. it is still among the youth and binge watch is still a top trend.

What’s the future of OTT?

All the OTT platforms and streaming websites have got a bright future ahead of them. The wide variety of entertainment they offer and the trend of binge-watch culture has given wings to this mode of entertainment. The option of anytime entertainment which is easily accessible from the comfort of home has set a bright future for this mode of entertainment.

As freshness is the demand and keeping this in mind all the OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and streaming websites like 123 movies are making a lot of experiments in every genre. These experiments with entertainment are giving a rise to binge-watch culture and making people more prone to it.

It is understood that OTT and streaming websites provide entertainment anytime and anywhere. Whether you are at home or traveling or just want to spend your time in a heavy traffic jam. You just need to have a phone and internet and the rest OTT and streaming websites will take care of. You must once get the experience of binge-watching.