Why are Chinese considered to be professionals in mobile gaming

If you get into the Chinese subway, you’ll see passengers glued to their phones. They communicate, work, study, watch movies or just surf the Internet. In fact, most people play mobile games.

Mobile gaming is an opportunity to escape from constant work and immerse yourself in a new world where you are a main hero. The abundance of advertising and limitations of the operating system can interfere with the implementation of ideas. Chinese developers have created an application baidu root that allows private access to files. The open system allows you to use your smartphone in full force and optimize power consumption, which has a positive effect on the gameplay.

Why is mobile gaming so popular

Demand creates supply. Developers regularly update their games, as well as release new ones for every taste. There exist different simulators, strategies, role playing games (RPG), massively multiplayer online role-play games (MMORPG), shooters and many other. The popularity of mobile games can be explained by several criteria:

  • there is no need to maintain a powerful computer, because modern phones are high-performance;
  • it is possible to play anytime anywhere;
  • you don’t need to get home;
  • most of them are free and even not depend on donates.

The desire to be in a fantasy world reaches the point of absurdity. Some of Chinese don’t hide that they play all their free time from work and sleep. Gamers prefer to be online than meeting friends. A large amount of practice makes people professionals who want to become professional players and change their occupation. Such serious attitude has created a stereotype that all Chinese occupy leaderboards in anu game.

What drives the industry

Definitely everyone knows games like Honor of Kings or World of Warcraft. They belong to the massively multiplayer online role-play games (MMORPG), which entice almost every gamer. This genre is characterized by the following qualities:

  • bright fantastic open world;
  • the ability to choose a race, customize and disguise your hero;
  • roleplay;
  • numerous people online to play with;
  • guild of like-minded people and assistants of other races who helps you to develop.

Most people are attracted to the role-playing. It allows a person to use all imagination and follow the conceived idea. The gameplay depends on the pumping strategy, the selected equipment and items, chosen quests. The feeling of satisfaction is given by the achieved level in the overall leaderboard, rare items, defeated players and bosses.

Some people gather in guilds in order to beat the goal faster and develop the character. But that’s not the only reason. Over time, guild members become teammates, and then friends. Such online communication provides anonymity and a sense of security. Players only see a hero, but not real person. It turns out that all people in MMORPG are equal. Youth are afraid to realize in real life, and the game conditions will allow them to try more and look for themselves.

Games and hormones

A completed quest, a won fight with a friend or boss gives a sense of success. This is directly related to the work of the endocrine system. The achievement activates the brain, which releases a portion of dopamine into the blood. The hormone provides a sense of happiness.

The same victories gradually bring less joy, because a kind of habit is being developed. The desire to feel pride and adrenaline again makes the player move on and achieve more difficult tasks.

The vulnerable brain of a teenager begins to get used to the feeling of happiness, which is easy to get in the game. Real life ceases to bring satisfaction. Society should provide more opportunities for the disclosure of personality, so that people get out of mobile phones and grow up.

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