Which Kind Of Wig Will Suites You The Most

Table of Contents

1Which Kind Of Wig Will Suites You The Most

2 Short human hair wigs

2.1 Advantages of short human hair wigs

3 Wet and wavy wig

3.1 Advantages of wet and wavy wig

3.2 How to take care of a wet and wavy wig

4 Full lace wigs

4.1 Advantages of full lace wigs

Hair loss is not only because of the result of medical treatment such as cancer .It is a common perspective that hair loss is only common in men but in reality, 50% of women suffer from some form of hair loss. The long-term solution is going for a medical treatment which is obvious but what about the short-term solution .If you lose your hair and it needs time to grow it back to its original volume and number but at the moment you lose your confidence because you feel you are lacking something. Let’s be honest that hair is a prized possession of every woman so what to do to gain that confidence back .Wigs yes you have heard right. Wigs are the solution to your current problem not only you will gain your confidence back but will also look and feel beautiful. There are a variety of wigs on the market to choose from and sometimes this decision is hard to make as each wig has its pros and cons. In this article we will talk about some of the wigs which will make it easier for you to decide out of these different kinds of wigs which one you want to buy. So keep o reading.

Short human hair wigs

Have you ever in your life wanted to cut your long locks of hair and go for a fresh look. That is short and clean but do not have the guts to do it. Or looked at other people with short hairstyles and wondered will it suites you or not. In the end, still cannot bear the thought of cutting your hair which you are growing for so long .Well the simple and easy solution for your problem is short human hair wigs .These wigs are the best solution to the situation you are in right now. You can just buy a short human hair wig which can be of any style you want a bob style which again can be a short or long one. You can even buy a pixie hairstyle wig too. After buying the wig you see if this short hairstyle even suits you or not without having to say bye to your original long hair. Not only do short human hair wigs come in different lengths they are also available in different textures such as wavy, straight, and curly short human hair wigs. These short human hair wigs also come in a variety of colors ranging from black, broken to blond and even red and maroon depending on your taste and the look you are going for you can buy any of these.

Advantages of short human hair wigs

Not only short human hair wigs are perfect if you are wanted to change your look. They are also perfect for the hot summer weather .In such you want to feel the cool breeze on your neck and will also get the fresh and clean look which is most suitable for the summer season.

Wet and wavy wig

How many times have you tried to create that perfect wet and wavy look by yourself but were not able to get the desired result? In the end, have to go to the salon to get it done by a professional because you just cannot do it by yourself. After spending lots of money on getting this wet and wavy look by the professional we have a solution for you that not only saves your money but also your time now you do not have to sit in one place to get that perfect wet and wavy look . Wet and wavy wig are the solution. Not only are you able to save lots of money but also your time too. The special thing about this wet and wavy wig is that you can get both straight and wavy looks from this wig. You can straight it if you are going for a straight hairstyle and for getting a curly hairstyle you only need to put little water and you are good to go you got your wet and wavy look.

Advantages of wet and wavy wig

  1. With a wet and wavy wig you do not need to use different products for your natural hair to achieve this look. This will prevent your natural hair from getting damaged.
  2. This is much more convenient you can achieve your desired look in minutes with a wet and wavy wig and will save your time too.

How to take care of a wet and wavy wig

  1. Do not wash it too often as it is not good for your wet and wavy wig. Wash it sparingly.
  2. Do not use a lot of force when drying it with a towel. Just tap it lightly.
  3. Spray enough water to get that perfect look; especially on the ends they dry more quickly compared to the roots .You can even use coconut oil.
  4. Brush it properly with a wide-tooth hairbrush to get rid of tangles.

Full lace wigs

Full lace wig is no more in demand than ever before the credit goes to the natural look they give the wearer. These days full lace wigs are popular not only among celebrities but also among many common people.  Based on their length the full lace wigs can be short, medium, or long. Depending on texture they can be Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, or Chinese. They also come in a variety of styles such as straight, wavy, and curly. The colors range from black dark brown, and caramel to blond. The full lace wig makes it seem like the hair is coming from your scalp. Which gives a very natural look .While looking you cannot tell if someone is wearing a wig or not.

Advantages of full lace wigs

  1. It will create a very natural look.
  2. You have a variety of options to choose from
  3. It will blend with your skin tone perfectly
  4. It will give a very natural hairline.

These are some of the types of wigs out in the market hope reading this article makes it easier for you to decide what type of wig you want to buy.

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