Where Can I Turn a Photo Into a Custom Sticker?

You have probably heard of the new trend of printing your own stickers, but you may not have a clue how to go about creating a custom sticker using a photo. The good news is that there are several places online where you can turn your picture into a custom sticker.

Picsart Sticker Maker

Picsart Sticker Maker is an excellent tool to turn any photo into a custom stickers. It is simple to use and does not require any design software expertise. You can also print and share your creations. Whether you want to promote your business or just add some flair to an event, stickers are a great way to do it.

Aside from the usual photo editing, Picsart offers a range of other features to help you create a unique design. From drawing to text overlays, you can create a variety of different stickers to share on social media. In fact, PicsArt has a user-powered gallery with over 6 million images. These are all available for download from within the app.

The app is also equipped with an AI tool that can do many of the more technical things for you. For example, it can identify and remove the background from uploaded images, adjust contrast, opacity, and saturation, and rotate the image.

Another nice feature is that you can save the sticker you have created to your mobile device. This means that you can take it with you and edit it on the go. Additionally, you can export a sticker as an image for use on other platforms.

To create a sticker, you can start by downloading the PicsArt app from the Windows Store or Mac App Store. Once you have installed the app, you can select an image to upload from your camera roll or create a new one. You can even use the app’s “Shape Mask” tool to add shapes to your image.

After you have finished creating your custom sticker, you can save it to your mobile device or to your Picsart library.


VistaCreate is a software application that allows users to create custom stickers and designs. It features a simple interface that empowers content creators to create professional-looking visuals.

This mobile design app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can choose from more than 75,000 professionally-designed templates. The design elements include photos, icons, graphics, and vectors. These are great for creating designs for social media and advertising.

In addition to the templates, the app includes hundreds of free fonts. Users can also add their own images and upload audio files. There are also hundreds of stickers that you can use to create custom designs.

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can customize the colors, shapes, and text. To edit an image, simply drag it onto a template. Alternatively, you can resize the picture.

VistaCreate also allows you to apply borders. You can select a border color and thickness. If you want to remove a background, you can do so by using the eraser tool.

In addition, you can tweak a picture by using different filters. For example, you can turn it into a sticker with a brighter image or a darker one. Using the Flip button in the upper toolbar, you can horizontally or vertically flip the image.

VistaCreate also offers users a variety of pre-built filter options. These include a color correction feature, X-process, Tint, Contrast, and brightness. Besides, you can choose from over 50 million creative assets.

Another great feature is the Sticker Maker. Using this, you can create a custom border for any object, such as a picture, a sticker, or a video. Afterward, you can add a colored border to the sticker.


The Canva sticker maker is easy to use, and it lets you design your own custom vinyl stickers. The program also includes a few cool features, including the ability to download your own fonts.

When you’re designing a custom sticker, you can create a variety of designs, from a simple circle to a complicated graphic illustration. It’s also possible to add text to your stickers, as well as other elements.

One of the best features of the Canva sticker maker is that it allows you to choose from more than a hundred million design ingredients. You can use your own photos or images, or you can download one of its templates. To start, you’ll want to upload your logo.

While you’re in the design tool, you can also take advantage of its special effects. For example, you can add a “3D” effect, which will give your sticker a sense of depth. In addition, you can change the color of the sticker to make it stand out.

Canva also offers an Auto-Trim tool, which lets you cut around shapes without destroying them. Aside from that, you can also use a range of frame and font options.

For example, you can use the Auto-Trim tool to trim out the corners of a triangle and bring them back in. Or, you can change the color of a triangle from yellow to orange.

The Canva sticker maker also includes a few other nifty tricks. For instance, you can upload your own PNGs, or use a pre-made template to get a perfectly sized image for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks.

However, if you’re looking for a more powerful sticker, you should consider downloading a Canva Pro account. This will give you access to the full range of design tools, from special effects to custom fonts.


Shutterfly offers a great way to turn your favorite photo into a custom sticker. It’s easy, quick, and fun. Whether you’re sending a gift, mailing a note, or decorating a locker, a sticker is a great option.

Using an app on your phone, you can quickly add a personalized touch to your photos. The app has numerous designs and options. You can even choose the background.

Customizing your favorite picture on a sticker is the perfect way to put a personal touch on your favorite present. With a Shutterfly sticker, you can make your gift stand out from the rest. This is especially helpful if you’re sending a package of Christmas presents to family and friends.

Shutterfly has a number of different templates for your next project. There are a dozen occasion and template designs to choose from. They also offer tutorials and ideas. Once you find the right one, you can customize it to suit your needs.

Another cool feature of the Shutterfly app is the Photo Tray. This tab lets you view all the photos in your project. Using the top middle arrow, you can sort them chronologically. If you’re looking to create a collage, the app can help you fit a couple of photos on a page.

Other features of the Shutterfly app include the Design Assistant, which helps you create a collage or a photo collage. Alternatively, you can choose to use the bare bones format or the Spread layout. Depending on the type of page you choose, the cover and page size may vary by as little as 1/8.

One of the best things about the Shutterfly app is that you don’t have to be an expert with computer software to make a beautiful sticker. While there are plenty of stickers available, you can also create your own customized sticker with text, photos, and even custom monograms.


If you’re looking for a way to turn your photos into a customized sticker, look no further than Snapfish. This online photo service is easy to use and provides a great selection of products. They offer a variety of high-quality prints, canvases, and other photo gifts.

Snapfish offers several photo services, including a print app, an online editor, and a mobile application. You can also upload photos from social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram. The company’s website is easy to navigate and offers a number of pre-set templates for you to choose from.

The Snapfish app is available for iOS and Windows Phone users. Using the mobile app, you can select a layout, add photos, change the background, and write captions.

If you prefer, you can pick up your orders from a variety of locations. Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart offer same-day pickup.

Another benefit of using Snapfish is the fact that you can add your own embellishments. They have an extensive list of products, including custom puzzles, mugs, and wall art.

Moreover, if you find that you need to make a change to an order, you can do so up to 40 minutes after placing your order. Customer support is available via live chat, email, or telephone. Lastly, you can watch tutorial videos on the Snapfish site.


The website also offers a builder to help you create custom layouts. When you’re done, you can see a preview of your design. There are over 55 different preset designs for you to choose from. For a limited time, Snapfish is offering free embellishments for your stickers. To use them, just choose the type you want.