What Wig Should I Buy For My Face Shape?

When purchasing a wig, there are several factors to consider, including the style of the wig cap, whether you want synthetic or human hair, and what 27 hair color you like. Your facial shape is crucial when choosing a wig that looks good on you. When buying wigs online or for the first time, it is helpful to utilize your face shape as a guide.

There are typically six different face forms in women. The ratios of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin determine each shape.

Round Face Shape

More enormous cheeks that smooth out the face and little to no angular structure are characteristics of round face types. The ideal wig designs for a round face feature many layers or volume-filled waves. 

To give your softer jawline some rigidity and texture, try shopping for shoulder-length or longer wigs. Pixie cuts, short bobs, and hairstyles with layers that face inward should all be avoided.

Oval Face Shape

It is typical for someone with an oval face shape to have a longer face, with its length roughly 1.5 times the breadth. The forehead typically has a modest width above the chin. You can wear almost any style of the wig if you have an oval facial shape like a short curly bob wig. An oval face can be complemented by a variety of hairstyles.

Square Face Shape

Broader and more pronounced chins and foreheads are more common in people with square faces. The width of the forehead and jawline is frequently equal. The sharp jawline of a square face type makes chin-length hairstyles inappropriate. The severity of a square facial shape can be softened, though, by a style with tapered bangs and long locks.

Oblong Face Shape

Extended features with a rounded forehead and chin are typical oblong face forms. An oblong face is distinct from an oval face shape because an oblong face has a narrower chin. Avoid sleek hairstyles that will further lengthen your face if you have an oblong facial shape. 

On people with oblong facial shapes, volumes styles with layers will look fantastic because they can make a face appear more expansive. Also flattering to this facial shape are thick bangs and hairstyles that extend past the chin.

Diamond Face Shape

The cheekbones will be the largest area of the face in people with a diamond facial shape, which also features a narrow forehead and a small chin. Since the forehead won’t be as comprehensive, a diamond face differs from a heart face. On a face with a diamond shape, most wig styles look fantastic, but both short and long bobs seem very flattering.

Heart Face Shape

Wider foreheads, more prominent cheekbones, and chins that point downward are typical features of faces with a heart shape. A broad range of hairstyles, such as chin-length or shorter looks, styles with side-sweeping fringe, and haircuts with inward-facing layers, look fantastic on a facial heart shape.

Bottom Line

After successfully determining your face shape and being satisfied with your wig style selection, you may move on to experimenting with a more extensive range of looks. Though you are the one wearing the wig and hope you wouldn’t feel pressured to follow this advice; picking a wig is all about feeling joyful and at ease in any style.

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