What types of roofing materials are there? Which one is better to choose?

As mentioned in many articles The top part of the house building รับสร้างบ้านโคราช is the roof. It can be said that the roof is the first line of defense. that are exposed to sunlight, UV rays, wind and rain. If you choose the wrong roof material including non-standard installation Often causing problems like a big storm! Whether it’s a stuffy house, a hole in the roof, a broken roof tile, a crooked roof, as well as water leaking from the roof into the house. Each of the problems mentioned All cause negative effects on the house. and various appliances to prevent problems that escalate Always check the roof area. that there are any traces of damage or not will be able to make corrections in a timely manner because if left for a long time It can cause big problems that are too difficult to solve. And a huge amount of money to repair!

Materials that are commonly used for roofing nowadays are available in many different colors. Commonly seen in our homes are as follows.

  1. Tile roofing material Three cars can be divided into

– Terracotta tiles It is a natural material that has been used as a roofing material since ancient times. Nowadays, it is used for roofing that wants to show off the roof, such as Thai-style houses, churches, wihans. This type of tiled roof is used for roofing that has a very sloping slope. Otherwise, the roof is likely to leak.

– concrete or cement tiles This type of roofing material is strong and beautiful but is quite expensive. and has a lot of weight This causes the roof structure to be covered with this type of tile to be stronger to support the weight of the roofing material. There are two types of cement tiles: rhombic tile Small size used to cover the roof with a slope of 30-45 degrees, the other type is a tile called. Monier tile, which can be roofed in slopes from 17 degrees

– Flat concrete tiles flat concrete tiles It is beautiful because the tile surface is smooth and smooth.

– Asbestos cement tiles or tile Esbestos Cement This type of tile has fireproof properties. and insulating against heat Inexpensive and roofing with slopes from 10 degrees, asbestos cement tiles can be divided into different types. There are 2 types of corrugated tiles that are found in the market: small corrugated tiles used in homes The large corrugated section is used for large buildings in proportion to the fit.

– Double corrugated tile has better drainage than corrugated tile due to its deeper and wider corrugation. Therefore, roofing is more commonly used.

  1. Metal roofing material Or known in the language of the craft as rolled steel roof. Made of corrugated galvanized steel sheet. commonly used for roofing The large size adds color to the modern building. But this material has heat problems. Because metal roofs are very insulating against heat. And there is a problem with sound in the rain
  2. Plastic or piper materials that are transparent sheets that are shaped like various types of tiles. to use thatch on those tiles In areas that need light from the roof, such as bathrooms, etc., we already know the different types of roofing materials that are commonly used. The selection must take into account the nature of the roof, slope, style of your building as well. The price of the material, the cost of the roof structure, you will love it or like it, use it as appropriate.
  3. Shingle sheet material which is a type of synthetic material Began to be popular in our house, especially the building type. resort because it can play many forms
  4. Other types of roofing materials such as copper material or lead plate etc.

Because the house is the most striking feature is the roof. The roof work is a delicate matter. If not done well, there will be leakage problems, which will spread to other problems, difficult to fix. to prevent problems that may arise should start from Choosing roofing material first, it must be up to your taste. When choosing, let’s look at the slope of the roof. because of the roof material each type There is a slope for thatching. Not the same as- Asbestos cement tiles used to cover the slope from 10 degrees.

– rhombic concrete tile Use a roof with a slope of 30-45 degrees.

– Monier tile Use roofing slopes from 17 degrees.

– Terracotta tiles Use roof slopes from 20 degrees.

Other types of roofs It uses thatched roof at about 30-45 degrees in a tropical country like ours. roof selection very steep It will have a good effect on drainage. and under-roof cooling

The selection of roofing material is the roof structure because the roofing material is heavy. will increase the price of the roof structure to pick up the weight of the roofing material give you the same when the roofing material and slope, and then look at the characteristics of the overlap The distance and angle of the roof slope

  1. Roof slope 10-20 degrees, overlap distance 20 cm.
  2. Roof slope 21-40 degrees, overlap distance 15 cm.
  3. Roof slope 41-60 degrees, overlap distance of 10 cm.
  4. The slope of the roof is 60 degrees or more, the overlap distance is 5 cm.

Such overlapping periods are at least If more than that, it doesn’t matter. But it will waste more thatched material. Another material used for roofing work is the roof cover. It should be easy to choose. with roof tiles Most of them will be produced in pairs according to the degree that is most commonly used, such as covering the roof of 30, 35, 40 degrees. which must be strictly followed And do not forget to mix the waterproofing solution as well.

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