What to Expectfrom Vocal Classes SingaporePrograms

Taking up vocal classes Singaporeprograms is a great way to learn proper singing techniques and to improve your skill. Wondering whether you should spend money on a singing class? In this article, we explore some of the things you can expect to learn from vocal lessons to help you make a decision.


While it may seem ridiculous to learn how to breath considering it is what we do instinctively all the time, breath support is the basis for everything in singing. The breath influences the voice’s tone and quality, the ability to reach required pitch arrays, power and the skill of holding a note for extensive time periods. Done effectively, it will prevent any stress from being placed on your throat and prevents damage. It’s also the reason you can make a sound in the first place because without relocating air, there’s absolutely nothing to vibrate the vocal cords. By joining a vocal class, you will be taught the proper breathing technique for singing.


A violinists’ instrument is the violin while a singer’s instrument is their body. Just as a violinist needs to position their violin bow and violin in a proper position, a singer needs to stand properly to produce the best sound. Some things to pay attention to include placement of your feet, chest, shoulder, arms, head, hips and your knees. With proper posture, better sound is more easily produced without strain to any part of the body.

  • Keep chin tucked in instead of sticking out
  • Shoulders should be relaxed, rolled back and down.Back should be upright but not stiff or strained
  • Abdomen should be flat and firm
  • Keep hands relaxed at the sides of your body
  • Knees should not be lcoked

You can expect to learn how to stand properly in a vocal class and your coach will provide you with feedback on your current posture.


Singing with dynamics is one of the ways singers create intensity and convey emotions in their songs. Learning how to sing with dynamics is one of the things to expect to learn from a vocal class. It is a method of managing your singing volume utilizing vowels, phrases, and emotion. Singing in a slow crescendo and decrescendo on a particular part of a song required proper control of your singing voice.  Mastering this skill will certainly take you from an ordinary vocalist to an extraordinary one.

While singing with dynamics may seem easy by controlling volume, it requires a lot of skill, practise and knowledge.You should recognise your voice and be familiar with the tune you are singing. When you know your voice, you know just how much volume you can project and when you understand the song you know how to control volume.

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