What Time Of The Day Is The Best Time To Learn Musical Instruments?

Maybe as someone who wants to learn music, you have asked yourself what is the best time to practice music? Of course, the time of human activity and the level of her efficiency has always been the subject of interest of researchers. However, in the realm of music, there is not much focus on practice time. Instead, the focus has always been on the amount of practice. However, the time to practice music is also important. In this context, we must say it doesn’t work here the sooner the better.

Alireza Kiarashi, a good Iranian singer, says:

How many hours of music practice per day is necessary? With how much practice can we master our instrument? How much do great musicians practice? These are the most questions that all music students ask their teachers during their training.

What does psychology say about the duration of music practice?

When it comes to understanding the functioning of the brain and its reactions to external issues, no one can clarify and examine this issue for us better than PhDs in psychology. Dr. Erickson, who is one of the leading doctors and experts in the field of brain capacities, has examined a theory called the “Ten Year Law” or “Ten Thousand Hour Law”. According to Dr. Erickson’s research, all people need ten thousand hours of practice and study to reach a specialized level of performance in a specific field. If a person decides to go beyond this and reach an international position in her field of expertise, she needs 25,000 hours of training. Of course, we all know that all these figures are debatable and can be different according to a person’s abilities and talents.

Alireza Kiarashi’s studies have shown that training more than four hours a day has very little efficiency. Even in the same four hours of practice, after the first two hours, the performance level of the musician keeps decreasing. So if you have enough time and motivation for training, keep your training for two hours a day and at the best level of performance.

Average for music practice

If you are new to your instrument, practice 20 minutes a day, 5-6 times a week.

If you are average, practice 30-40 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

If you are advanced, practice more than 60 minutes a day.

Regardless of your level, consistent training is very important, if you train for five minutes a day, you will get better results than if you only train for two hours once a week.

Skills that require repetition, practice, and memorization should generally be done at the same times every day. with great emphasis “Every day and at the same hours”

For example, if you chose 6 to 8 pm today for music practice and you enjoyed this practice and actually found this time suitable for practice, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and other days you should practice exactly at the same time. Because your brain He gets used to this time and remembers the good memories of yesterday’s training at exactly 6 to 8 pm and the body adjusts and adapts to this time.

Practicing music under the following conditions will have the opposite results for you

Practicing with stress

Practicing in difficult time conditions

Learning and practicing music without teacher supervision

Doing practice to please the teacher and family

Practicing in bad mood and depression

Irregular training on different days and hours

Practicing with impatience

Practicing without motivation and self-confidence

Practicing in a hurry with the sole purpose of getting to class

Practicing in crowded and noisy spaces

and similar conditions…

Sometimes after sports training, after eating, after a busy and boring day, after arguing and after watching movies and series, it is the worst possible time to practice. During these times, you will have the lowest efficiency, Because your mind is too active during these times, that’s why you can’t focus on music practice.

Should we practice in the morning, or in the afternoon, or at night?

Morning hours: Some people feel that they have the most energy and focus in the mornings. As a result, mornings can be the perfect time to practice the instrument. If you are one of these people, schedule your workout in the morning hours.

Afternoon hours: Some people practice better in the evening or in the afternoon hours. At these times, you may be freed from the fatigue of waking up early in the morning and focus more on education.

Night hours: Some musicians are most creative and energetic mainly at night.

The best time to practice music is to listen to your inner voice

A very important point is to pay attention to the internal clock of our body. As there are 24 hours in a day, there is a 24-hour biological time system inside each of our bodies. Body temperature, hormones and many other factors change according to this clock. The smartest way to have the best time to practice music is to pay attention to your body’s biological clock. When are you at the peak of your alertness and energy, when do you think you learn better and enjoy music lessons? That time will be the best time for your music practice.

Also note that all the mentioned things will make you successful when you can have a professional training and use standard and quality instruments.

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