What Makes PDFs Such An Awesome File Format

When you hear the word “document,” do you think of a Word document? Or maybe a PDF? Most people would choose the latter. But why is that? What makes PDFs so great, and why should you use them for your own documents instead of Microsoft Word or another program?

This article will cover crucial reasons that make PDFs an excellent file format.

PDFs are great for sending lots of information without taking up a lot of space.

PDFs are great for sending lots of information without taking up a lot of space. This is because PDFs can be compressed like any other file type. The amount of space that a compressed PDF takes up depends on how much it has been compressed.

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PDFs are great for sharing with others in an unaltered manner.

One of the main reasons PDFs are so popular is that they can be easily shared with others in an unaltered manner. With a PDF, you can send a file to multiple people, and they’ll all be able to open it on their devices, regardless of whether those devices are Windows-based or Mac-based.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with different operating systems like you might when sending someone an image file from your phone.

PDFs are great for printing.

When you print a document, it’s important to know that the file will look exactly the same as you intended it to. That’s why PDFs are great for printing: they’re printable to any size and have no margin or spacing issues.

You can also easily control how many pages in a PDF are printable—you can set it up so that if someone tries to print an 80-page document, only 20 pages will be printed out. This is great if your boss doesn’t want his entire presentation printed on paper.

PDFs can be easily encrypted and password-protected.

In addition to being widely supported by most applications, PDFs are also very secure. You can use a password to prevent users from opening your PDF or copying it. You can even prevent them from printing it.

For example: If you have a document that requires a password before being opened, you could create an encrypted PDF with the “open” function disabled and then distribute that file through your marketing channels.


It’s clear from the above that PDFs are an incredibly useful file type. They are widely accepted by all kinds of devices (including mobile ones) and can be easily shared with others for editing purposes or printing out. This makes them ideal for almost every situation where you must send documents electronically.