What jobs can you get with CCNA 200 301?

The CCNA 200 301 is a certification that Cisco has created on networking at the basic level to test the competitor’s information. This accreditation breaks down the capacity of the beginner for the troubleshooting, operation, configuration, and installation of medium-size routed networks. It falls in the entry-level certification for computer networking.

The IT managers have acknowledged this CCNA accreditation while recruiting a fresher’s profile for career advancement or an opportunity for experienced workers. The CCNA exam covers a wide scope of networking ideas, and it is simple to prepare for the exam at SPOTO. It is very easy to access this platform online without any problem.

About CCNA

It is a renowned certification in computer networking. Network administrators, network support engineers, network specialists, and entry-level network engineers will benefit from this CCNA certification. It covers several costly networking ideas. It makes candidates plan for the most recent network technologies. There are different CCNA accreditation niches here, such as Network management and security, routing protocols, Networking device security, IP addressing, WLAN and VLAN, IP routing, OSI models, etc. This certification is valid for three years.

Jobs that you can get after this certification

There are various jobs that you can get after completing the CCNA certification. It ranges from data associates, support technicians, video and voice engineers, switching engineers, routing engineers, etc. Networking is used in the enterprise environment because these organizations have a vast area, dependent on the WAN and LAN. With this certification, you can get a job in Datacenters, Collaboration, Cyber Ops, Cloud, etc. Learn more about some other jobs in the below lines.

1. Network Security Specialist

The major job of the network security professionals is highly in demand. Most employers look for certified managers that can provide security to protect IT infrastructure from malicious intent. The expert detects, resolves, and prevents the related issues to the security of the IT networks. It is a highly-paid job for those who want to make their career in IT infrastructure.

2. Senior Network Engineer

It is a highly paid job for the candidates for the seamless functioning of the IT infrastructure. The professional has to support, maintain, deploy, implement, and design the infrastructure within the established configuration in this job.

3. Cloud Security 

Today, every business uses cloud technology, and all enterprises prefer to hire experts who can provide security to their business data. Therefore, all employers hire professionals who have certification in cyber security, cloud security, and others.

Final Verdict

All these are high-salaried jobs, and the majority of the certified professionals can get a job as per their choices. Moreover, employers always hire certified professionals on high-salary and incentives. It is important to choose the platform that can provide you with an appropriate guideline about exam preparation. For example, SPOTO is easy to access, and you can get information about the CCNA exams without any hassle. Get essential information about the topics and objectives of the exam here. For the candidates, an appropriate material is available online so that they can prepare for the CCNA exam.