What is Water Pumping Machine

Wondering what the pumping machine is? It is an electromechanical machine used to increase the pressure of water and move it from one point to another.

This article will give you enlightenment and more knowledge on the two types of pumping machines and how they work.

The Two Types of Pumping Machines

First, the pumping machine was discovered in 1736 by H.A Wirtz. It was a stream wheel that was powered to raise water for use.

We have two types of pumping machines: centrifugal pumps and positive displacement.

Centrifugal pumps

These pumps rotate to impart the velocity to the liquid and then convert the velocity to flow. It is made up of the sealing mechanism, shaft, etc. All these components help the pump handle the operation stress.

Even after use, it is important to leave it filled with fluids so that it can work well, and don’t leave it dry. It has an impeller placed inside, which rotates to provide velocity, and the liquid can be pumped.

There are different types of centrifugal pumps.

Vertical turbine- the vertical turbine is also known as the line shaft. This pump transports water from underground(submersible pump).

For the pump to work, the submersible is placed under the water, and the motor is located at the bottom of the system. It can be used in sewage service, not water only.

It has one great advantage because it is submerged under the water and doesn’t produce much noise. Because it is underwater, there is no need for it to be primed.

In another vertical turbine, the motor is placed on top of the system, and the motor has to be dry to work well.

End suction pumps-this pump has a single impeller with a horizontal shaft. It can pump different types of liquid making it easy to alter.

Multistage pumps- this has many impellers and provides the pump with more force. With this, high pressure is needed in places like pipelines.

Positive Displacement pumps

In these pumps, the amount of liquid brought inside is the same amount of liquid pumped out.

With the type of pump, displacement occurs due to the diaphragm, piston, or plunger. When the liquid is let in the cavity, suction expands then during discharge, the cavity decreases.

There are different types of positive displacement pumps;

Rotary pumps- use the rotation of the rotary. When the rotary turns, the fluid is displaced from the reservoir into the discharging pipe.

Reciprocating pumps-in this pump uses a piece that moves backward and forwards to let in and outlet the fluid.

When the liquid is brought into the reservoir via the suction, the inlet valves open up while the outlet valves are closed, and when letting out the liquid, the outlet valves are opened while the inlet valves close.

Linear pumps-just as the name suggests, it shows that the pump operates in a straight line, like the chain pump. In this pump, the circular discs are attached to a long chain, and the liquid is discharged when the chain moves up.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pump

When you are choosing a water pumping machine, consider two things: flow factors and pressure factors. When the pressure is right in taking in the fluid and discharging the fluid, then the pump is great.

If you notice that the fluid flow has decreased with time, it is good to get assistance from a technician.


When working with water or other fluids that may be far away, it is wise to consider getting yourself a pump rather than draining the liquid using buckets. This will save you time and hard labor.

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