What Is The Easiest Guitar To Play For A Beginner?

The last time when you picked up a guitar, you probably thought it the most challenging instrument to play. This statement is correct for several types of ibanez guitars. Still, we have the most accessible guitar that you can start playing effortlessly.

Also, a frequently asked question is whether to choose an acoustic guitar or an electric? So, the answer is dependent on a few factors. You will learn about them in this guide that will let you draw a decision on which guitar to start practicing.

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Let’s dig deeper on the easiest guitar for someone who is just starting or has started.

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Easiest Guitar for a Beginner:

Deciding which guitar is easy to play depends widely on its action, overall playability, sound and style, and budget. Here we will compare these factors and decide to help you choose the right guitar to play.

Let’s get started:

Electric Guitars:

Keeping the mentioned factors in mind, we implied that electric guitars are the easiest to start playing today as a beginner. Electric guitars are advanced of all guitars’ types with a semi-hollow body. They are played electrically plugged in for a high sound.

The best part with electric guitars is that they have a volume control so that you can adjust the volume accordingly. Also, you can do well with volume without an amplifier, as you can’t afford an amplifier at the start of your musical journey. Later, you can buy an amplifier for better performance.

Why Is It Easy To Play?

Let’s have a look at the factors that make electric guitar easy to play.


A guitar’s action is crucial to determine how easy or hard a guitar is to play. The strings of an electric guitar are thin with a lower action making the strings effortless to press down. Electric guitars have narrower necks that make it easy to play guitar at an early stage.

The bottom line is that low action helps you play the guitar effortlessly. At the start of your music journey, you can’t afford high action that will leave you in pain and uncomfortable.

Sound And Style:

Sound and style will help you decide which type of guitar is best for you at this stage. Every kind of guitar provides you with a different sound and style of music. For instance, electric guitars are best for playing rock, while acoustic guitars are great for playing folk or fingerstyle music. For classical music, classical guitar with nylon strings is the best match.

However, an electric guitar is the best fit for all styles of music. Therefore, as a starter, you can go for an electric guitar.

Guitar Set-Up:

The major component of an incredible musical journey with your guitar is to set up its action by a good luthier. It will enhance its playability. And the best part is that you always don’t have to spend bucks on professionals to set it up for you. Instead, you can do it yourself, and it will work. (Make sure to follow the exact steps of the tutorial to make it work)

If your guitar makes you tired and your fingers feel pain after playing a few chords, consider setting up your guitar’s action. You will be surprised by the difference it makes.

Budget And Cost:

Electric guitars are high on price yet unique in performance. You already know that cheap and economical guitars have lower and poor sound quality. At this time, you may wonder about spending less money on a classical or acoustic guitar, but you will not be satisfied with its performance.

So, it is better to spend a little higher amount on the right guitar. So that you don’t have to replace it later, that will cost you extra bucks.

Final Words:

Electric guitars are best for beginners. You have read why they are best. The conclusive reason is that they are easier to play, giving you results faster and eventually inspiring you to play more and more.

Thus, don’t hesitate to spend some bucks on an electric guitar. It will be worth it!

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