What Is The Best App For Productivity

Productivity is the measurement of efficiency at any task, and there’s no one-size-fits-all way for us to measure it. As a business owner or an employee, tracking your productivity will help you know what areas to improve in.

You will need several tools to help you meet your goals. For starters, a PDF editor or any other productivity tool can help you boost the rate at which you work on documents. And though there are many PDF tools online to increase productivity, only a few are reliable.

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So, to help you find the right tools, we will walk you through the best productivity tools for your daily use.

1. Hive

If you are a project manager, Hive is one of the best apps to increase productivity at work. The tool gets even better when you sync it with your desktop and other web applications. With the sync option, Hive will keep you updated about your workflow, thus improving your productivity and work ethic.

Hive enables team members to monitor tasks and individual workloads. You can also set goals to complete tasks, collaborate, share files, and track progress on recent projects. Due to Hive’s efficiency, many users recommend paying the $12/month subscription fee per user.

2. Lumin PDF

File editing tools improve your productivity because modern workplaces use only online paperwork.

In your daily work processes, you will need to organize, proofread, and sign documents. And without an efficient PDF editor, you could struggle to handle these routine tasks.

One of the best PDF tools for this task is Lumin PDF. Although this PDF tool hasn’t gained much recognition, people who have used it attest to its value and features.

With this PDF editing tool, you can view, edit, and share PDF files. Lumin PDF is also cloud-based, so rest assured that your documents are safe from unprecedented loss.

3. Todoist

Productivity can be increased by planning your workdays. Proper planning helps you spend your time and resources and become more efficient with tasks.

For planning, we recommend Todoist, a simple task manager app that lets you create tasks and record progress with your teammates. Todoist is a modern to-do list that takes things further by allowing you to collaborate with others on assignments.

The tool costs $3.99 per month and $35.99 annually. But the basic version is free but comes with only a limited number of projects.

4. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most sought-after tools for creating, sharing, and working on documents in real-time. This tool is an online word processor, which helps you focus on typing without going back and forth to save and share files.

You can also set Google Docs to help you share documents in and out of your organization. With this feature, you can collaborate on projects irrespective of your physical location, as well as control access to sensitive documents.

Finally, Docs works seamlessly across platforms, reducing the risk of missing deadlines due to compatibility issues.


If This Then That, also known as IFTTT, is an automation app that helps you assign tasks to different team members. The app encourages you to stop multitasking, thereby making you more effective.

You can also use IFTTT to set up automation and integrate with third-party apps. With this integration, the tool can add reminders to your calendar app. IFTTT’s weather app also keeps you informed of the conditions around your locale.

In essence, IFTTT will allow you to focus on work by helping you manage mundane tasks and distractions.

6. Calendly

If you organize your company’s daily processes, then you know the stress of planning and repeatedly notifying attendees about upcoming events. But you can make planning a breeze by using Calendly.

Calendly helps you organize meetings without sending several emails. For the best results, sync your digital calendar with your account. Afterward, you can fill your available time slots with necessary meetings for your productivity improvement.

7. Trello

Collaboration is critical in improving your productivity, which is why we recommend that you utilize a collaboration tool like Trello.

Trello is notable for its card-like interface, which is easy on the eyes. But more importantly, you can use Trello to work with your team and management staff to complete tasks.

The app has a project management goal setting, which will help you and your team see the bigger picture and collaborate to achieve the company’s objectives. Additionally, you can track the progress of ongoing projects and see the people working on them all at a glance.

Trello serves as a digital office whiteboard. You can attach sticky notes, pictures, documents, and different forms of data for the rest of your team to follow up.

8. Evernote

We all have different ways we prefer taking notes; some of us like the feeling of putting pen to paper while others prefer using digital pens to scribble on their note-taking devices.

If you enjoy taking digital notes, especially when writing your goals for work, Evernote is ideal for you. The tool is one of the best for gathering ideas for future analyses because it converts pictures of handwritten notes to readable text.

Evernote also allows you to browse all your files ― whether images or text ― and organize them into notebook systems. You can even filter the notes by adding tags, which will help you quickly find them when needed.

Evernote is free to download but to access its premium features. You will have to pay over $4.99

9. Engross

We cannot discuss increasing productivity in the workplace without talking about time management, and Engross excels at time tracking.

Engross is a time management app that helps you focus and reduce distractions during work hours.

A remarkable feature of this tool is how it utilizes the Pomodoro technique to break down your day into small intervals around 25-30 minutes, with mini breaks in between. You can decide how long you want each interval of work to last, depending on your preferences.

Furthermore, you can use Engross to reduce distractions by touching your screen each time you zone out or become distracted during working hours.

10. Slack

Communication is essential for productivity, especially in a team-centered environment. How quickly and you receive information determines your progress in projects. So you need a tool like Slack to help you manage communications within your team with jio rockers.

You can use Slack to send messages, create private and public channels about various work-related topics, and also communicate with your teammates in real-time.

If you are an administrator, you can set different types of goals and integrate other apps like Google Calendar into the Slack workspace.visit here movie4me


If you work for an organization, you will need to constantly improve your processes to recognize and use opportunities. Thankfully, many apps can help you concentrate, simplify operations and be more productive, and we have reviewed the best in the market. Feel free to leverage their features to improve your efficiency, build your portfolio and track record, and grow your career.More info for visit the site bolly4u

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