What is Fat Grafting?

With each passing day, as we get older, our skin gradually loses its firmness. skin that used to be firm becomes withered slack Which is caused by the reduction of collagen in the skin, fat injections at the clinic to fill the face with fat. It will help the area look more firm. It is also a safe alternative. no foreign substances because using the patient’s own fat

Nowadays, technology and techniques for acquiring fat cells are More quality than before. The resulting fat cells will have better quality. Reduce the death rate of injected fat cells When fat is injected, fat cells will be fast, lasting, last a long time and do not need to be added many times.

Fat injection / fat filling is the transfer of fat from areas that have excess fat such as the abdomen, upper arms, thighs to fill in the missing parts, such as baby face fat. baby face fat injection Fill in the fat of the chest, hips, and hands to fill in the defects. Build confidence in the area and reverse the aging of the skin in that area to bounce, firm, look younger Some of you may call this method Fat Grafting, Fat Filler, Fat Transfer or Lipofilling.

Fat grafting with your own fat Will help solve skin problems in the defective part. It’s natural, safe, and the results are clear. More importantly, there are other by-products. is a smaller proportion from liposuction to be injected to fill Therefore, adding fat with own fat It will help reduce unwanted proportions as well. but must be done at a standardized facial fat grafting clinic only

Where can fat grafting be filled?

Fat filling in the face area

facial fat filling or familiar with that baby face fat baby face fat injection It is very popular nowadays. Therefore, there have been many clinics for facial fat filling. facial fat filling It’s a safe way No foreign substances enter the body. and resulting in good, natural results.

fat grafting, cheek groove, mak groove

Cheek groove or Mak groove It is the sagging of the surface of the skin in that area. It can be caused by a number of factors, such as age, sleeplessness, or rapid weight loss. Make your face look older than your real age. When adding fat in this area Cheek grooves are shallower. His face looked plump and firm, like turning his youth back to his youth again.

fat grafting forehead

Most Asian girls have a flat and wide forehead. Facial Fat Filling Clinic therefore understand this problem very well forehead fat filling Reduce wrinkles around the forehead make the forehead more convex and round

fat grafting reduce wrinkles

Problems that bother young girls, 25 years old, may not be out of popular problems such as wrinkles, facial fat filling. It will help the skin in the area with wrinkles fuller. Skin looks healthy, firm and helps the face look younger as well.

fat grafting under eyes reduce dark circles

Fat injection under the eyes add plumpness Reduce sagging in the area under the eyes reduce dark circles Helps under the eyes firm up Wrinkles and deep grooves are reduced.

fat filling hand

sagging hands, sagging hands It is caused by increasing age. decrease collagen Or some people may be withered hands. Because collagen is destroyed, it makes it look like an old man’s hand. Hand fat injection will help fill the hand. Look more full, firm, naturally. and look younger

fat grafting and Lipofilling hips

Some girls, like small people, may have small bottoms, flat bottoms, and unclear proportions of mushrooms. Wearing clothes is not beautiful or sagging buttocks sagging with age Buttocks fat injections It will help shape, proportion, have more curves, get the desired shape of the dream. naturally

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