What is Decontamination for the office during COVID-19?

It doesn’t matter if there was a recent COVID-19 infection in your workplace or whether you are just about to reopen your business, a COVID 19 service provider is vital. COVID-19’s unique nature means it can not be treated with indifference. Even hygiene standards once considered sufficient may not be sufficient anymore.

The first step to creating a safer workplace is hiring a COVID 19 professional decontamination service. This service will also make a significant contribution to the overall productivity of employees as well as the company.

Specialized Decontamination

You are probably used to regular janitorial cleaning in your business facilities. This would mean wiping down surfaces with standard household detergents. The coronavirus can also be a problem in your workplace.

The decontamination service will protect your employees. The decontamination service will also employ an effective electrostatic spray disinfection method. This process uses specialized chemicals specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses. Because the solution is positively charged, it sticks to surfaces and makes it last long after spraying.

This method of disinfection is particularly effective as it allows technicians to spray places that might be hard to reach during a regular, day-to-day cleaning session.

This meticulous process provides many more benefits than simply wiping down surfaces using soap and water.

It’s Better For Business

An employer should prioritize the safety and health of its employees. But, there are some advantages to decontamination for the ‘healthiness’ of the business. Your business will grow stronger if you do everything possible to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To maximize company productivity, employees must be protected at all costs. Profit is the ultimate goal of any business. This goal can’t be achieved if employees aren’t performing at their best, or if an outbreak causes the company to shut down unexpectedly.

A Plan To The Future

Quality decontamination services in Montreal company will not only clean your facilities but also make sure the service has a lasting impact. To ensure your facilities remain protected after decontamination, it is a good idea to create a continuity plan.

Long-Term Savings

Initial, thorough decontamination can seem like an extra cost that can be replaced by a professional janitorial service. However, it can be a cost-saving measure that will save your company hundreds of thousands in the long term. When a COVID-19 epidemic strikes, a company has much more to lose. Professional decontamination costs less than recovering from a period of hibernation.


A clean and healthy workplace is more conducive to employee productivity and reduces sick days. You can concentrate on running your business instead of cleaning out your office. Here are five examples:

Professional Commercial Office Cleaning: Benefits

Professional Office Cleaning for Healthier Work Environments

Germs, allergens, and bacteria can be found everywhere. Both employees and customers, as well as visitors, can spread illness simply by touching surfaces such as desks and keyboards. Regular professional office cleaning such as vacuuming and mopping can help improve the health of your workplace. It reduces the number of germs and bacteria in the environment. Dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens can cause asthma and trigger symptoms. It could also lead to reduced productivity and sick days.

Clean Office = Great First Impression

Customers and visitors will feel more comfortable entering an office that has stainless carpets and seating in the reception area, as well as dust-free lighting fixtures. Also, there will be cleaner bathrooms with full soap dispensers and paper products. Meeting with guests and customers in a clean, fresh-smelling conference room will be a great way to feel comfortable.

Commercial Office Cleaning: Less Hassle For You

The task of running a business can take a lot of time. Don’t worry about the mundane chores such as vacuuming the lobby and replenishing the paper towels in your restrooms.

Cleaning your office right

Cleanliness is important for your employees as well as your customers. You can be sure that all your cleaning needs are being met by a regular office cleaner. With more than 65-years of industry experience and the use of high-quality cleaning products and technology, our cleaning staff has a unique combination of expertise. We will do it right the first and only time.

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