What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus can be different depending on the casino or bookmaker and likewise, the same gambling or betting operator can offer different types. It is usually an amount of real money that the casino ‘gives’ to the user at the time of registration, as a prize after a certain time playing or to capture the attention of users and invite them to enjoy gambling without having to contribute their own money. In all cases, the operator sends the user an email with a code that can be exchanged for the amount of money on the website of the casino or the online bookmaker. It should be remembered that the operator of the casino or the bookmaker does not win anything. That is why licensed operators strive, because there is only one no deposit bonus per player. Nothing more.

How do no deposit bonuses work?

It should be noted that no deposit bonuses have very specific requirements that you should know. The main one is that, like all casino bonuses, it is a “bonus per player”, i.e., you will only receive it once. If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be able to withdraw the profits generated by it, as they will be responsible for verifying your identity to proceed with the withdrawal. That’s why we tell you that signing up with a fake identity to try to trick the casino is a very bad idea.

So, once you have registered with your real identity and provided real data in the registration process, you can start betting with the amount. You should know that the wagering requirements of these casino bonuses are very high and in some cases lead to x100. This means that you may have lost the free amount before you qualify. If you manage to complete the requirements applied to the no deposit bonus, then you will need to consider the maximum value rule. Even if you get a free bonus of€ 300, you can only withdraw a percentage of it, never all of it in full.

In addition, you should note that they have a maximum allowed bet. It is the casino that decides how you can wager the bonus and what the maximum bet is. Therefore, you should carefully read the conditions of the no deposit bonus.

Finally, it is received after making the first deposit. In fact, on many occasions it goes within a welcome pack and will be added to the total in a similar way to this.

Suppose the welcome pack is a 100% deposit bonus plus€ 20 no deposit bonus. If your first deposit is€ 200, the casino will add an additional€ 200 and€ 20 to your account, leaving a total amount of€ 420 available to start playing. Each operator can offer different types of no deposit bonuses to users, both newbies who want to discover gambling, and those who have been enjoying online casino for a while. Let’s see what characterizes each and what makes them so special and desired.

No deposit welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is exactly that: a bonus that is given to the user after registration. The purpose of this bonus is twofold: on the one hand, the user is invited to try the online casino no deposit bonus free spins Australia by giving him real money that he can collect in case of having winnings. On the other hand, it obtains the email and, sometimes, the user’s phone number for marketing purposes. This type is usually of a relatively small amount that can range from€ 10 to€ 50 and may be subject to limitations. For example, there are casinos where this bonus cannot be used in any game, but only in some. It is also possible that the conditions include wagering that bonus a certain number of times during a certain time. In any case, the higher the conditions, the higher the welcome bonus.

In addition, the no deposit casino bonus contributes differently depending on the game. For example, if your free no deposit amount is€ 20, you will need to make 1000 spins on the slot at€ 1 in order to complete the requirement. Also, not all casino games support it. In particular, blackjack is usually excluded from games where you can use the no deposit bonus or contribute very little, below 10% on many occasions.

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