What is a Gambler Hat, and Where Can I Get One?

Gambler hats are wide-brimmed hats, much like cowboy hats, but they’re generally a somewhat cooler version. In the past, floating casinos weren’t as regulated as land-based casinos and gamblers who frequented these casinos were known for their swagger and the hats they wore. This type of hat became associated with a certain style, and wearing one is not for those who want to play it safe.

Wearing a gambler hat to a casino-themed party

Casino-themed parties are popular today, and turning up in a gambling hat made just for you will help you to flaunt your edgy look. The popularity of online gambling means that people even host online casino parties today.

If you’re invited to an online casino party, make sure you read the invite properly to check out the dress code. This may be casual wear, or the host may want you to dress in sparkling gowns, tuxedos and gambling hats like you would if going to one of the casinos of days gone by.

Gambling and cowboys 

When gambling became popular in the Wild West, cowboys would cover their faces with their hats indoors. This prevented opponents from reading their faces while playing poker. The gambler hat is a form of cowboy hat associated with a laid-back yet adventurous lifestyle but often has extra embellishments or details.

Customized gambler hats

Many stores sell gambler hats, but you may want one that’s customized. A custom bespoke tailor can make a gambler hat just for you. No one else will have a hat quite like you. Your hat will pay tribute to those gamblers who wore their gambling hats with a flourish but will also be distinctly yours and a reflection of your personal style. You will own a quality statement piece that brings out your inner rebel.

Many choices in online stores

When looking into the history of hats, you will discover that traditionally a gambler hat had a wide brim with a turned-up lip at the edge and an oval crown. Many gamblers’ hats are available today that give the nod to the tradition but also allow you to express your personal flair.

You may prefer a gambler hat that is a little more stylish and elegant. Not all gambling hats are somber, and you can go for a straw one that’s more light-hearted. Gambling hats come in a wide variety of materials, including buffalo fur felt, wool felt, seagrass, straw, or crushed wool. Each gives the hat a distinctive look that’s elegant, rugged and stylish or more formal. There are also those designed to wear in different seasons of the year.

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