What Can You Get from a Career in Engineering?

Choosing your future career can be an exciting and pivotal time in your life. Maybe you have already decided that you want to work in STEM, or perhaps you’re open to different ideas as long as you get to work in a role that is exciting, involves learning new things, allows you to develop your skills and take your career further, and gives you a chance to make a difference to the world. If this sounds like you, there are many great reasons to consider a future career in engineering. Not only is it a profession that is rewarding and can be a lot of fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to work on a range of different projects, do something new on a regular basis, and use your creative mindset, ideas, and innovation. Also, getting a degree in engineering can help you lay the foundation for a fulfilling management career with more and more engineers moving up the ladder into supervisory and project management roles. Choosing a career in engineering will not only prepare you with a range of technical skills, but also essential business skills that can take you to a management position or help you become an entrepreneur.

For those who are considering working in engineering, there are more options than ever before for getting an engineering degree. Programs have become easier to access for students in a range of different situations, allowing you to work full-time while studying online for your degree until you’re ready to change your career, or to save money if you are a high school graduate and want to continue living at home while getting your engineering education. If you’re a parent and don’t have a lot of time to commute to classes or are concerned about the cost of childcare, online programs can be an ideal way to improve your family life, allowing you to easily fit hitting your career goals around being a mom or dad. Along with this, there are many other exciting reasons to consider a career in engineering with an online engineering degree.

Chance to Be Creative

While creativity might not be the first thing that you link to STEM subjects compared with other topics like the arts or English, working as an engineer is a job that can be both technical and creative. Each day, engineers work on innovative projects and bring new ideas to life, with plenty of chances to contribute and bring your own ideas to the table. Throughout their careers, engineers tackle a wide range of different projects regardless of the engineering discipline that they decide to join, their work experience, or their educational level. From the beginning, you will have a lot of opportunities to be creative and develop further skills to bring your own ideas to life.

Enjoy a Great Salary

While money isn’t everything, it’s hard to deny that another great reason to consider getting an online degree to start your career as an engineer is the generous salaries on offer. Engineers are paid very handsomely and there are plenty of options to take your earnings to the next level with advanced degrees in engineering or programs that are focused on preparing you for managerial positions such as this online masters engineering management from uOttawa University. Engineering is one of the most highly paid career options around the world, second to other highly respected fields like medicine. Engineers are consistently paid a good income everywhere that they are needed, and even as a graduate, you will find that earnings are high even in entry-level positions.

Opportunity to Travel

An engineering degree, whether you get it on-campus or online, will be a highly respected qualification around the world. As an engineering graduate, you will not need to worry about being limited when it comes to where you can work. If you want to leave your state and set up a new life for yourself elsewhere or are interested in a career that provides you with the opportunity to travel and see different places around the world, then engineering could be the perfect option for you. Engineering students who are interested in a future career that allows them to travel could consider working with a company that operates globally, or even joining the military as an engineer.

Enjoy Great Job Security

Since engineers are always going to be needed no matter where you are in the world, there is no need to worry about being out of a job once you have an engineering degree, especially once you have been working in the field for a while and have some experience. You won’t need to stay in a job that you’re not enjoying or work for a company that isn’t a good fit for you since there are always lots of opportunities in the various different engineering disciplines. Also, engineering graduates often spend less time looking for work after completing their degree compared to students who majored in a different subject. Engineers in various disciplines are currently experiencing a high demand that is not set to slow down in the future.

Make an Impact on the World

Engineering might not be the first career path that you think of when you come up with career ideas where you can have an impact on the world and make a difference to other people. However, the truth is that it’s not just caring professions that can make a real impact on others. Engineering career paths provide an excellent opportunity for you to do work that actually helps others and feel like you have been able to do something meaningful with your career. Engineers are often involved in things like providing underdeveloped areas with better resources, such as access to clean water or healthcare, designing and building community projects that will help others, designing and creating life-saving medical equipment, tools, and personal protective equipment, and setting up temporary and emergency medical facilities during times of crisis.

Explore Different Engineering Disciplines

There are several different disciplines that you can choose to go into as an engineer; however, the main principles behind them are fairly similar. Mastering one engineering discipline will help you kick-start your career, but it will also provide you with the foundation that you need to get into a different engineering discipline should you decide to change your career in the future. For example, you might have a degree in electrical engineering, but decide that you want to learn more about electronic or mechanical engineering, or even get into the business side of things by training as an engineering manager.

Enjoy Hands-On, Fun Work

If you hate the idea of a career where you will be working in an office all day, on every weekday, engineering might be an ideal career choice for you. There are both office-based and field-based positions to consider once you are qualified as an engineer, so there is something for everybody depending on the type of work environment that you prefer. If you are interested in a job where you can get hands-on with the work and get involved heavily in the projects, then many engineering disciplines will provide plenty of opportunities to do this. In civil engineering, for example, you will often find yourself working on site, at the forefront of making things happen.

Enjoy a Well-Respected Career

If you would like to work in a career where you are generally respected and looked up to by others, engineering could be an ideal choice for you. There are many good reasons why engineers are some of the most well-respected professionals out there, and training to be an engineer is not an easy ride. The amount of dedication, hard work, and effort that goes into becoming an engineer in itself will earn you a lot of respect from others. In this career, not only will you be respected for the part that you will play in working on projects that may help others, bring new ideas to life, or create solutions to problems, but engineers are also often well-respected for the strict code of ethics that they must adhere to. To be a successful engineer, you will need to be a person who has a lot of integrity and high ethical standards.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

In a career as an engineer, you will not only get to experience high demand for your skills and experience along with interesting and diverse work, but a career that also comes with a very high sense of accomplishment and personal reward when you look back at all the projects that you have been a part of. Whether you’ve had a role in building a community project that has done good for others, have worked on a project to improve people’s day to day lives by providing better transport links in a town, or worked on creating a new, popular device that helps people on a daily basis, there’s always something new to work on as an engineer that you can be proud of.

Develop New Skills

While getting an online engineering degree and working in your future career as an engineer, you will also have the chance to develop a range of transferable skills that will help you in your professional life, personal life, and in anything else you choose to do in the future. Some of the most in-demand skills that you will have the chance to develop as an engineering student and as you work in this career include:


The ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently is one of the most important skills that you can have as an engineer. In this line of work, you need to be able to assess a situation, identify any problems quickly, and come up with solutions to them, as one of the most important parts of the job.

Computer Literacy

While most engineering students will already have at least a basic level of computer literacy, working in this career can often give you the chance to develop this even further, and improve a skill that is highly-sought-after in many fields and often necessary to take your career further. For example, programming skills are becoming more and more essential across a wide range of engineering disciplines, along with CAD (computer-aided design).


As you study for an engineering degree and gain work experience as an engineer, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to become a better team player. There are not many engineering projects where you will be working completely alone, which means that good teamwork skills are some of the most highly sought-after in this field. Becoming a better team player will also naturally help you improve your communication skills, as you may often be working closely with outside professionals or non-engineering co-workers to get things done and will need to explain complex ideas and concepts in terms that can easily be understood by people without engineering training or experience.


Working as an engineer can also give you the chance to develop your leadership skills if you are interested in supervisory or managerial roles in the future. Strong leadership skills are essential for any engineer who wants to work as a project manager or engineering manager, and throughout your career you may get opportunities to take control of projects and develop your ability to lead a team to success. Many engineers find themselves leading teams even when not formally employed as a manager, and you can use these opportunities and additional responsibilities in your workplace to practice being able to inspire and motivate others to get the best results, becoming a more valuable member of the team and improving your future prospects.

Engineering is becoming a popular choice among students who are interested in an online degree program. A career in engineering offers a wide range of different benefits, along with the chance for you to develop a set of skills that can take you further in many different aspects of your life.

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