What are the latest technologies that will transform lifestyles by 2030?

Dell Technologies publishes its latest report, Future of Connected Living, which looks to 2030 and investigates how various new technologies will change our lives.

IFTF and world experts include edge computing, 5G, AI (artificial intelligence), XR (Extended Reality: a generic term that includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and other immersive tools), IoT (The succession of technologies such as the Internet of Things) predicts five major “shifts” in the next decade.

The four shifts that IFTF predicts will occur between now and 2030 are.

Networked Reality

Cyberspace will be an extension of real life, not the world beyond the screen. The new digital environment extends beyond devices such as televisions, smartphones and other displays to cars, offices, homes and the human body.

In the survey, 56% of leaders said they welcomed their daily use in VR and AR. Also, 56% of leaders welcome people who can control computers with just thinking (brain-computer interface).

Connected Mobility

The transport of the future will be a “moving computer”. While the vehicle itself will be a space to provide the XR, it will safely and autonomously take you wherever you want to go. In the survey, 50% of leaders said they would travel by self-driving car by 2030.

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Robot social life

Robots will become partners in human life to improve their skills and expand their abilities. Robots share new knowledge on social robot networks, crowdsourcing innovation, and drive real-time evolution. In the survey, 70% of leaders said they would like to partner with machines and robots to push humans’ boundaries.

From a digital city to a sentimental city

Cities become “living” through a unique infrastructure network consisting of smart objects, self-reporting systems, AI-based analytics, and more. Sensors make mobility safer, and new data on how humans use infrastructure optimizes resource allocation and improves sustainability.

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