What are the Features provided in Web Hosting?

Now, as an online business owner, you know the importance of host for your website. The better your website host, the better your business will grow. Many people don’t take web hosting seriously. And if you are one of them, you need to reconsider things. Mainly to make your website grow. Otherwise, you might only face loss in your business as you might lose the visitors to your website. But when you have a good host, it offers you different types of facilities that  help your website. Generally, a web hosting company enables you to create and maintain a website for your business. Usually, maintaining a website surely needs an expert. And when you have a good host, your Google ranking also improves. This results in a vast audience of visitors to your website. Thus, it is always better if you hire an excellent host.

Furthermore, web hosting provides you with many facilities that help your website. Generally, a web host controls your website’s speed, usability, scalability, security, and other things. Thus, it becomes essential for you to be cautious while hiring cheap web hosting services in India. Usually, every web hosting company provides different facilities and features for your website, such as bandwidth, security, storage, and much more. However, below are some of the essential elements that web hosting service provides you for your website.

Features provided by the web hosting services

  • Disk space or storage
  • Security
  • Bandwidth
  • Website speed
  • Domain name

Disk space or storage

Disk space is one of the two essential services a web hosting service has for you. Your website consists of many files. These files make up your website visuals. And also the files that decide what happens when your user clicks a button. Usually, you will need those files on your server to run your website. And these files consume disk space. Hence, you will need a hosting service that provides disk space or storage to keep your files.


Security is a significant factor for your website. Your content needs to be secure, so the user trusts your website too. With so much hacking, it is risky for you today if you don’t have an excellent fast web hosting service that provides good security. Cyberattacks attack almost 43% of small businesses. Thus, you need to be cautious if you don’t want to be a victim of such attacks. And good web hosting services do that for you. So, avoid cheap web hosting. Your host acts as an extra line of defense against such cyberattacks. So, if your website is one of the websites that collect personal or financial data. Then you need to look for a hosting web service that provides you with the following.

  •  SSL certificate: Generally, SSL certificates encrypt the data sent via your website. This makes sure that only the recipient gets access to data or uses the data. Usually, some web hosting services provide you with free SSL certificates.
  • Automated malware scans: usually, when you hire a web hosting service, it helps you in removing malware and helps in identifying the threats to your website. You can also find a hosting service that provides you with a website scan to improve your website’s security. This scanning helps you identify the suspicious files on your website.


Another essential service that web hosting services provide is bandwidth for your website.  Bandwidth is a service that measures your server’s capacity for transferring data at a specific time. Generally, this bandwidth feature is a critical feature for your website. Especially if you want an excellent speed to load your website faster, this is because loading time is the time your website files take to transfer. Thus, you need to know your needs when hiring web hosting services. For example, if you want high bandwidths, you will need a server that shares its resources with only a few websites. For instance, dedicated hosting services ensure that your website has its server. This way, it gives you control over the server.

On the other hand, shared hosting and VPS hosting limit your bandwidth. But these services are cheaper compared to dedicated hosting services.

Website speed

This is one of the essential features of a healthy website. The speed of your website attracts visitors and also loses the visitors. Thus, this is one of the things that you need to care about when hiring a host. Today, every user wants a website that loads within a second. Every user expects your website to load in five seconds or less. Along with user experience, the speed of your website also indicates your SEO ranking. As a result, it is more than vital for you to hire a good host for your website.

Usually, your website host improves the speed of your website with the help of the following:

  •  Firstly, your host might use servers that have solid-state drives. This is mainly because the solid-state drives, that is, SSDs, access the data faster than your traditional hard drives. 
  •  Secondly, your host might limit the number of sites if you are on a shared server. Now, your website will require a server resource to run healthily. Thus, when the number of websites is more, the less speed your website has. So, when your host limits the number of websites, it ensures you have a reasonable rate.
  • Thirdly, it might offer you a CDN service. CDN service is nothing but a content delivery network. These are the groups of geographically distributed servers. These groups cache static content of your websites such as webpages, CSS, JavaScript files, videos, and images. These groups increase the speed by delivering your web content according to your user’s location.

Domain names

Now, your domain name is another feature that helps your website. Before moving ahead, your domain name is likely a digital address for your presence on the internet. That is, your domain name is an address for the digital space. Generally, the domain name is developed especially to find and identify the different internet systems. You can find the entities without the IP address with a domain name. So, the hosting web service offers you a plan that includes a free domain name registration for your website. However, different website owners have different strategies. Some online business owners buy a domain name from other companies. This is mainly for business purposes that are business emails. And then buys a different web host for their website. Thus, the domain owner must have the option. That can transfer the domain to another registrar.

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