What are the best bollywood movies featuring casinos

Bollywood produces some fantastic films. Their success has been incredible not only in India, but also they have been successfully exported to other parts of the world. Those who have visited land-based casinos or have visited their virtual counterparts, such as Parimatch India, probably would be interested in watching movies based upon casinos and gambling.

All the film powerhouses of the world, including of course Bollywood, have produced their fair share of productions featuring casinos. While not all of them are memorable movies, some of them have achieved the status of legendary. Here we will summarize the most important productions that have come out from India that feature this topic.

Why bettors and the general public tend to love movies around casinos

There is a special charm that surrounds movies based upon casinos. For example, many times they show an atmosphere of luxury. On the other hand, casinos can be an excellent set up for movies that feature crimes or conspiracies. When choosing a casino as the main location for a production, the possibilities are endless. Let’s examine in more detail some fantastic movies made in Bollywood that have casinos as their main locations, and that have managed to be considered as fantastic productions in India and in other places around the world.

  • Teen Patti. This is an excellent film featuring huge stars such as Shraddha Kapoor, Ben Kingsley and Amitabh Bachchan. Right from the beginning, the movie starts to show the intrigue of the fascinating mathematics that are behind wagers and casinos. However, those who hate math shouldn’t be scared, because math is simply another actor of this incredible production. Here Venkat, who is a renowned mathematician, has a theory that can make him win almost every time in the casino. Of course, such a theory can have some risky consequences.
  • Striker. This production was created back in 2010. The story follows Surya, who is a boy who lives in the suburbs of India and has many difficulties throughout his life. However, such difficulties made him an expert in the game of Carrom, becoming a champion at just twelve years old. Obviously, being such a young champion in such a competitive environment can bring a lot of risk and thrill.
  • Gambler. This story follows Dayashankar Pandey, who is a lazy police officer who was abandoned by his mom when he was just a baby. He was later raised by the head of a criminal organization. However, despite his relaxed attitude towards his work he managed to uncover a dangerous criminal organization that worked with several casinos. Many thrilling and exciting things happen after that.
  • Jannat. This movie is somewhat different from the others. Mostly because the main story told throughout the film is one of romance. The main protagonists are Arjun Dixit and Zoya, who fall in love after Arjun becomes quite successful in his casino endeavours. However, he quickly becomes addicted to these games, and this threatens everything he has obtained in his life so far, including his love.
  • The Great Gambler. This film tells the story of Jai, who is a professional gambler who seems to never lose. His extremely good luck catches the attention of some gangsters who want to make him part of a plot of tricking rich people. After that, lots of thrilling things happen!Visit this out to know about Pii-email. On the other hand you can also know about .

As can be seen, Bollywood offers a fair share of excellent casino movies. Some of them, such as Jannat, even managed to become international success. That’s why everybody wishing to know more about casinos and Indian culture should definitely watch them.

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