What are some consequences of a Title IX violation?

Wrongdoing will be followed by consequences and since Title IX is an important law that governs educational institutes having federal funding, violating them can become a punishable offense. According to a Texas Title IX advisor, the degree of punishment will vary from case to case but once you are accused of Title IX violations, your career goes on hold. Employment can become difficult and getting through the after-life may affect you mentally. The reason behind the severity is the motive behind introducing Title IX, i.e., prohibiting sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment. So let us read some of the consequences of a Title IX violation:

Suspension from your educational institute 

If you are accused of Title IX violations by any student or faculty member in your educational institute, you may be suspended or expelled as a repercussion of the lawsuit. And in case the accusations are proven, you may even lose your job permanently.

Jeopardize career

After Title IX violations against you have been proven, and you have served the punishment there is a high possibility that it may become difficult for you to find another job and settle your career like before. People will resent hiring someone who has a history of lawsuits filed against them.

Sum penalty 

One of the consequences of Title IX violation can be a serious amount of penalty. Depending on the severity of the case and the damage done to the complainant the judge may ask you to pay a sum to the complainant as well as to the court as a penalty.

Jail term 

Though sex-based discrimination is not an offense that usually results in jail terms but sexual violence, or abuse against someone will surely result in prison time. If the complainant’s attorney is successful in proving that you have sexually harassed someone the judge may pass a judgment where you need to serve years in prison while paying some amount of penalty.

Though it may seem impossible to get through the phase, especially post the trial, there is nothing that can’t be conquered. If you were actually at fault, rectify the errors and learn from your mistake. And if you were falsely accused, ensure that all the facts are uncovered because a lawbreaker is in disguise and will repeat the wrong. Additionally, a sexual harassment case qualifies as a criminal offense and it is seriously dealt with. To conclude, create a safe environment around you and avoid indulging in such activities that result in consequences.

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