Web Hosting Basics for Beginners

In this technologically inclined world, everything is done online. In such a scenario, it becomes important to have an online presence to reach others easily.

However, starting or launching a website for the first time can be overwhelming. There are plenty of things to keep in mind and web hosting being the most important of them all.

To be able to find the right web hosting provider, you need to be familiar with the basics. If you are a new website owner, we can help you understand the basics of web hosting. In our opinion, you should get start your website launching journey with But before that go through domain com review.

What is web hosting? What does it do?

Web hosting refers to the physical space where you store your website so that others can access and use your website. This physical space is provided by a hosting service.

Space is located on a server and in some cases, on multiple servers. This provides storage space for your site. Just so you know servers are usually physical machines, but they can be created virtually.

Web hosting is bought from a hosting service. A website comprises texts, videos, images, and more. All of this contained and managed by a web host. Therefore, there is every need for you to choose a reliable hosting service. In that case, you can rely on Go through domain hosting reviews online to get an idea about the services they offer.

Web Hosting Plan: Bandwidth, Storage & Uptime

Every web hosting plan comes with three most important things including bandwidth, uptime, and storage. Let’s dissect each of these elements to give you an idea.

1. Data Storage

Data storage refers to disk space or the amount of space you have to store files, videos, images, etc. Space is provided to you by your web host in terabytes or gigabytes.

Many web host providers may also offer unlimited storage space. It is worth noting that data storage can either be on an SSD or HHD. Anyone with little knowledge of computers would know that SSD is better than HHD.

2. Uptime

By uptime we mean the amount of time your website is accessible or available to visitors. The ideal uptime is 99.9%. Understand that no technology is perfect, which means even the best servers will have some amount of downtime.

You should look for a web hosting service that offers maximum uptime. This is crucial for the success of your website.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from your site to your visitors. The more traffic you get, the more data is passing between the two.

Many hosts offer plans with unlimited bandwidth. If you are running a website with high traffic, then you will need more bandwidth to keep things running smoothly.

Choosing the right web hosting service can work wonders for your website. It is one of the major factors contributing to the success of your online business.

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