Video Slots Online or Classic 3 Reel Slots?

These days slot machines come in so many different forms. You have the classic three-reeled slot machines of course, in addition to online slots, 3D slots and one of the most popular – online video slots where some slot sites offer 500 spins for free as a welcome offer. Some people think that classic three-reel slots are unbeatable, but others think video slots online are the true winner. What do we think? Read on to find out!

Classic 3 Reel Slots

If I ask you to think of slot machines, the first thing that will probably come to your head is the classic three-reeled slot machines. These first originated as manual mechanisms and required no electronics, eventually becoming digital along with everything else. There’s loads of reasons why people like to stick to the three reeled classic:

Three reels keeps it simple and sweet

Classic three-reel slots are generally less risky than higher reeled games

Three-reel slot machines are nostalgic for many people

Generally, three-reel slots represent a time before progressive jackpots, crazy bonuses and online slots websites, so for many they offer a more traditional, relaxed and simple alternative to the crazy slots available today. However, it must be said that classic three-reel slots don’t benefit from some of the many special features found on video slots online today. Let’s take a look at this.

Video Slots Online

Video slots online are found all over the web these days, and we have to say that we are HUGE fans of these games. The best bit about online video slots is that developers no longer have such a small space to work with when designing their machines. This means that they could have as many reels as they wanted, infinite space to cater for amazing bonus rounds and generally offer features that are simply not possible on simple three-reel slots. Although some old-timers find video slots are too complicated and futuristic for them, we personally love for them all sorts of reasons:

The video graphics is truly stunning

A far bigger selection than available for classic three-reel slots

All the best special deals and bonuses can be found on video slots online, but probably not on the classic three-reel slots of the casino!

Play the latest games and stay on the cutting edge of slot machine technology

Overall, we have to say that for us, video slots online come out on top! They simply offer far more special features, better graphics…better everything really! We do miss classic three-reel slots sometimes, so that’s why we pop down to the casino to try a bit of both – perfect.

The Results are In

Overall, video slots online are the clear winner for us, mainly because we love to stay up to date and get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to slots. However, we totally understand people who prefer classic three-reel slots because it just offers a simpler and nostalgic version of slots. At the end of the day, we are creatures of habit and some people prefer to stick to the slots that they grew up with. Fair enough!

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