Use Ecommerce Animations To Increase Engagement for your Online Store

In this article, we are going to see how you can utilize these Ecommerce animations to engage with your clients in a more personal and interactive manner.

If you are a small business trying to enhance your brand image online, you can do this by putting animated images and videos in your ecommerce website. The whole idea behind these animations is that they are more interactive than static images. People like engaging with digital content and videos are interactive by nature. This leads to increased engagement and higher sales. The following are a few ecommerce animation tehniques you can use to drive online traffic and conversion to your store.

1. Surprise Surprise

I have always had a soft spot for this one. It doesn’t need to be the “thousand dollar” surprise. Something that makes a person smile and start a conversation is a good option. The action will hopefully drive traffic to your website.

2. Make your customer feel special

These guys would be famous to the game of basketball. The two tennis ball joints, the ping pong ball kick and all. Also, be it home decor or furniture, the common thread between these products is that they have a personal feel. These toys, posters and clothes don’t need to be expensive, but it’s their personal touch that makes them interesting.

3. Turn your best and brightest fans into star customers

Fanatics are loyal fans. They are big fans of any business. You can turn these enthusiastic supporters into loyal customers by posting them as a customer representative. They will in turn evangelize your products, increasing online sales.

4. Think out of the box

Most of us are intelligent people and we can be creative in our own way. When it comes to choosing what we buy, we are no different. We use our creativity to come up with the best selection possible. So, why should the same not be said for online shopping. The trick is to choose items that have the best combination of quality and value.

5. Provide unique solutions

Very few items can be sold in a straightforward manner. In the world of the Internet, people have a mind of their own. They are looking for the best combination of what they want and what they can afford. So, don’t get boring. Come up with unique solutions to reach out to more people.

Remember, online shopping is still a new thing in the West. So, you have to be fresh and innovative to grab the attention of online shoppers. The same can be said for every online store.

6. Leverage your uniqueness

The same concept works on the same principles for all businesses. When your uniqueness can be leveraged, you will be more likely to gain more sales. Don’t just take a basic approach and add basic enhancements to your product. Make it stand out. In the era of over-marketing, you can lose your customers if you don’t stand out.

7. Use the latest technology

In today’s market, it’s not the high-quality, long-lasting products that sell best. It’s about how you make your product attractive. Interactivity, playfulness, and creativity are among the latest trends in the ecommerce space.


Just like any other marketing strategy, online advertising is really important. But you need to be unique in your approach. You need to come up with unique combinations of images, video and text that resonate with your target audience.