Unique Bedside Tables Online You’ll Love

Bedside tables are your best companion when retiring into a nightcap. They hold on to almost everything you’ll ever need to relax into a good night’s sleep, including worries from your day! Park them on this little piece of furniture and dive deep into a restful sleep. A bedside table can hold soothing and aromatic oils, hand creams, eye masks, your daily journal, a cup of water, or even your favourite bedtime book to read. They are functional, with many designs incorporating open and covered storage spaces, and can also be aesthetically pleasing. For this, you don’t always have to buy the whole bed set with a common theme, as retail stores tempt you to do. Instead, why not leverage the style quotient in your bedroom by choosing a bedside table online from brands like Wakefit that are unique and befitting to your personal style statement?

Check out the top choices in unique bedside tables that can work for your bedroom space from a design and function perspective.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Bedside Table

Before diving into the unique bedside table options, keeping a few points in mind is essential.

1. Decide on functionality

Different people have different uses for the strategically placed table beside the bed in bedrooms. Some use it to keep their bedside lamps accessible, while others use it to keep their bedtime medications handy. Many others prefer a sleek and minimalist option focusing on aesthetics, adding a style statement to the room. Whatever your use, decide upon its functionality by reviewing the items you keep beside your bed and accordingly decide – functional? Aesthetic? Or the best of both worlds.

2. Size up

Buying furniture online or through conventional retail shops can be a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. Either the furniture piece can be too small for your space or stick out like a sore thumb. Ensure to size up the space available on either side of your bed for it to fit in snugly.

3. Easy to assemble, move, and clean

With the number of things you probably place on the nightstand, chances are you’ll find things fallen and hidden behind it too. That’s why it’s important to pick one that’s easy to move around, easy to clean, and lasts long.

Unique Bedside Tables Online You Will Love

  • Floating Shelves

These are an excellent option for small bedrooms. Fix floating shelves on the wall, on either side of the bed. This creates the illusion of more floor space and breaks any monotony that a wallpaper print or paint offers. If you are looking for a small table beside bed option, floating shelves are a unique idea to explore.

  • Contemporary Bedside Tables

Almost every design manual has a nightstand model with contemporary detailing. These are decorative and practical, with different shapes for table tops. Make your bedside table unique by choosing round-shaped nightstands with long metal legs.

  • Curvilinear Nightstands

Flow into the aesthetic design of your bedroom theme with curvilinear bedside nightstands that can create a ‘wow’ factor in your bedroom style. These do not have sharp edges and so are perfect for homes that need the safety quotient without compromising on style.

  • Ghost Tables

Perfect for bedroom spaces that don’t want to highlight side tables, choose lucite or acrylic bedside stands that instantly brightens your room without crowding for space.

  • Wooden Tables

A classic-designed wood bedside table not only has two deep drawers for storage but is made from strong Sheesham wood with gorgeous staining to uplift any type of room décor.

  • Two-tiered Tables

Use the top for things you regularly use before bedtime, and use the bottom to tuck away chargers, ear pods, tissues, etc. Compact in design, it’s perfect for twin-size beds that need function and design.

  • Garden Stools

It’s unique, it’s trendy, and it’s here to stay! Many interior designers are now using gorgeous garden stools to add a splash of lighting with a lamp placed on them. In addition, use these stools to hold a warm night drink. Perfect for a bedroom theme that uses grey, white, and beige as the theme.

  • Console Tables

Sharing a room with a sibling or having two separate beds in the room? Push these by the walls and place a single console table in the middle, made of wood in a traditional design. This gives a royal look while giving both parties plenty of space on the console to keep a night lamp, books, a clock, and more.

Your bedroom is your personal haven. Having a bedside table enhances the experience of personal space by giving you the option of storing things that you need before bedtime, no matter what it is. Pick from the above choices of unique bedside tables to create a soothing yet stylish ambience in your bedroom.

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