Understanding the Twelve Houses of a Birth Chart

After reading online psychics reviews about professional astrologers, you’ve decided to schedule a reading. What should you know before you go? These natal chart basics can help you get the most out of your appointment.

Reading Your Birth Chart

To understand your birth chart reading, you must first learn about the 12 houses that comprise the “wheel” of every natal chart. Each house connects to a zodiac sign and describes a particular aspect of your personality:

  • Twelfth House: Pisces governs this house, which influences the unconscious and secrets.
  • Eleventh House: This house reigns over friendships; it aligns with Aquarius.
  • Tenth House: Reputation and career manifest in the tenth house, which corresponds with Capricorn.
  • Ninth House: Sagittarius has authority over the ninth house, the dominion of spirituality and travel.
  • Eighth House: The eighth house is the realm of sex and death, governed by Scorpio.
  • Seventh House: Libra rules over this house, the territory of romantic partnerships.
  • Sixth House: Controlled by Libra, the sixth house has power over service and health.
  • Fifth House: Pleasure and fun reside in the fifth house, which is also the sphere of Leo.
  • Fourth House: The fourth house coincides with Cancer, family and home.
  • Third House: Gemini affects the third house, the realm of communication and school.
  • Second House: Possessions and value fall within the second house, the domain of Taurus.
  • First House: The first house aligns with Aries and has authority over identity and the self.

Planet Signs and How They Affect You

The planets fall into one of the houses on your natal chart, and their location says a lot about your personality, strengths and weaknesses. One way to read your chart is to look at how the planets cluster. For example, if you have clusters with an empty house in between, you probably seek to fill a void in your life.

The planets also interact with houses; this element reveals how you approach different aspects of your life. Every celestial object also influences certain zodiac signs, so it’s essential to take that into account during interpretation.

Symbolism of the Planets

Natal charts utilize seven planets in the solar system in addition to the moon, the sun and Pluto. These celestial bodies have power over different themes:

  • The moon: emotions and moods
  • The sun: ego and vitality
  • Pluto: death and transformation
  • Mercury: intellect and communication
  • Venus: beauty and love
  • Neptune: mysticism and dreams
  • Uranus: rebellion and unpredictable changes
  • Saturn: discipline and law
  • Jupiter: luck and expansion

Impact of the Zodiac Signs

In addition to your sun sign (the sign of your “basic” personality), you have eleven others that impact your fashion, love life and many other facets of your temperament. Some signs may appear several times, or you may have an even distribution across the zodiac. While understanding all 12 signs can create a comprehensive map of your psyche, the most important are the “big three:”

  • Sun sign
  • Moon sign
  • Rising sign

No matter your questions, there’s a medium who can help. For example, a relationship psychic can tell you whether your current partner is right for you, while an astrologer can read your destiny in the stars. With the assistance of a professional, you can tackle whatever comes your way.

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