Top Practical Interior Solutions for Small Apartments

A small apartment is not something bad or difficult to handle. On the contrary, this is an occasion to find new ideas and solutions that will help create a cozy and at the same time functional interior in a small area.So if you are one of the owners of the apartments near Wilmington, then this post is for you. Keep reading to know how to arrange the available space in a stylish and comfortable way.

#1 – Built-In Storage

Built-in storage is a simple and convenient solution for a small bedroom. The shelving system located behind the headboard will not take up much space. Besides that, thanks to the laconic design and neutral colors, the shelves will visually add some space. Wardrobes on both sides of the bed create the necessary symmetry in the interior, making a focus on the sleeping area.

#2 – Glass Partitions

Glass partitions or windows between rooms will help to zone the room without cluttering up the space or Soap Dispenser obstructing sunlight. This solution will be optimal for studio apartments with one-sided windows. Transparent glass in a black frame will give the interior a modern look with elements of industrial style.

#3 – Wall Lighting

Free up space by decorating the room with a wall-mounted lamp instead of a floor lightning solution. The flexible arm option allows you to adjust the direction of the light, which is especially convenient when you are reading, watching a movie, or getting ready for bed.

#4 – Open Hangers

A rail for clothes above the bed takes up a minimum of space and becomes an accent detail of the interior. Neatly hung dresses, sweaters, and shirts create a special atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and warmth. Besides that, pre-assembled “looks” that are always in front of your eyes will simplify the choice of an outfit in the morning.

#5 – Functional Surfaces

Design experts of Spotless agency recommend using every inch of space! A wide window sill can easily turn into a full-fledged workplace or recreation area; it is also possible to transform low shelves into a comfortable reading corner. And don’t forget about the walls: they are suitable not only for pictures and shelves but can also be used for storing purposes. For example, you can store a bicycle, which will become an unusual element of the interior.

#6 – Multi-Purpose Elements

Combining a seating area with storage systems is also a good approach. A soft corner with drawers will become your favorite place in the house and at the same time save space for everything you need. In an open-plan apartment, you can highlight the bedroom area with a podium with a built-in bed and wardrobes.

#7 – Multifunctional Furniture

If you do not have a lot of free space, then you simply have to buy furniture that can perform several different functions at the same time. For example, a pouf can be a coffee table, an additional seat, and a footrest depending on the situation. You can use a chair in the same way: during the day, it can act as a serving table in the living room, and at night, when your living room turns into a bedroom, it can be a bedside table.

#8 – The Same Color for Floors & Walls

Using the same color in the decoration of the floor and walls is a good trick for visually increasing space in premises. The border between them is erased, and the walls seem to recede back. As a result, the room appears to be much larger than it actually is.

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#9 – Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to make an apartment appear larger and brighter is to strategically use mirror hanging in different key locations. Hang or lean a large mirror against the wall opposite the window. Natural light will reflect in it and fill the room, making it bigger and brighter. The arrangement of mirrors in front of a bright interior composition creates the same effect.

Wardrobes with mirrored or glossy fronts also look great in small Ocoee apartments. Remaining as functional pieces of furniture, they create a play of light, without generating visual noise and as if dissolving into the interior.