Top five fashionable saree draping styles

The fashionistas always choose saree as their ultimate choice. Also, you may see them often sporting these hard-to-tame outfits with extreme comfort and elegance. From Bollywood to Hollywood celebrities and actresses and from the runways to the streets, this classic and fashionable outfit can bring out a woman’s personality.

But for all the women, innovatively draping sarees can be much more interesting who is looking to make a classy outlook. Your fashionable draping styles help you to present yourself uniquely to others. So, you require to master this draping art.

Hence, in this article, you can know the top five fashionable saree draping styles.

Trendy saree draping styles

1. Neck drape saree

If you want to give your saree a funky twist, like a scarf, around your neck, drape your saree without much effort. From sleeveless to full-sleeved, with any blouse, you can team it. Just remember that for such a style, soft fabric sarees is the best.

2. Retro-style saree

Do you remember the Indian diva of the film industry Mumtaaz who wore retro-style saree? Small bordered sarees are draped without any pleats. And these draping style is retro-style.

3. Belt and saree

To your saree, if you want to add mysterious glamour, you can wear a belt over your saree. The belt retains your pleats in place as well as gives you a neat look. Also, your saree with a belt makes you look slim.

4. Jacket over saree

You can be the trendsetter of fashion yourself. To nip off the winter chills, select a plaid jacket with a saree. And ensure that the saree colour matches the jacket. Undoubtedly innovative and ultimately cost.

5. Pant Style Saree

This pant style saree gives you a modern look with proper comforts. Use pants instead of your petticoat in the saree and then drape your saree around pant.

These five fashionable saree draping styles make your outlook elegant and classy. So, try these saree draping styles and make yourself unique.

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