Top best Huawei watch/rating of 2021 and which model to choose 

Huawei is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets. The brand’s smart watches are deservedly popular among users, because all modern technologies are implemented in these devices and advanced functionality is provided.

The brand’s lineup includes universal models, as well as devices designed for men and women.

To make it easier for users to decide on the model of Huawei watch we have compiled a rating of the best devices in terms of price / quality ratio according to the version of 2021.

It includes gadgets that have received the highest ratings from users and experts, as well as devices that have successfully passed practical tests according to Rostest.

How to choose a Huawei watch ?

When choosing a smartwatch, you have to take into account many characteristics, but there are criteria by which it will be easier to choose the right device :

Communication parameters

Most smartwatches can be synchronized with a smartphone, but you need to consider which OS the device is compatible with. There are also universal models that can be synchronized with mobile devices on Android and iOS.

Battery capacity .

 The duration of the battery life of the device depends on this indicator. On average, even an inexpensive smartwatch can work successfully for 7-10 days without additional recharging.

Appearance . A smart watch is not only a useful device, but also a stylish accessory. Therefore, by design, they must correspond to the style of the wearer’s clothing. But in general, the choice of a device according to this criterion directly depends on the user’s preferences.

You should also pay attention to the list of available functions . Even budget devices have a pedometer and heart rate monitor. But, the larger the list of available options, the more expensive the device will cost.

TOP  best Huawei watch 

The Huawei brand lineup includes devices of various price categories. But there are models in which thoughtful functionality and excellent quality are successfully combined with a democratic cost. In 2021, users assigned three models to this category.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Classic 46 mm

1Comfortable and stylish smartwatches have a classic universal design, so they are suitable for both men and women .

The case is metal and is reliably protected from moisture, so the product is not afraid of accidental splashes and raindrops. The strap is leather and is adjustable in width, so the watch will suit users with any wrist girth.

The model is equipped with a backlit Amoled touch screen, so the watch can be safely used even in the dark .

A distinctive feature of the watch is its extended functionality. They provide MP3 music playback and audio output to Bluetooth devices.

There is no headphone jack, but a speaker and microphone are provided, therefore, after synchronizing the watch with a smartphone, the user will be able to answer calls and view messages.

  • Specifications :
  • 4 GB memory;
  • screen 1.39 inches;
  • weight 41 gr.

HUAWEI Watch GT Classic

2Stylish “smart” watches with a traditional dial will appeal to lovers of classics . The case is made of stainless steel, so the watch is not afraid of scratches, falls and other accidental damage. The device is equipped with a backlit touch screen, so it only takes a few seconds for the user to adjust the watch settings.