Top 9 Benefits of a Single Bed Mattress

Single bed mattresses may not be for everyone, as most families prefer double beds, and opt for double bed mattresses as a consequence. However, if you don’t have to share your bed with someone, you can opt for a single bed mattress that has many pros as compared to a double bed mattress. A single mattress may also be opted for if you have twin beds (two single beds in the same room). In India, you get a variety of mattresses for beds. New technology in terms of memory foam mattresses and other types can be opted for, when you choose a single bed mattress. Most Indians prefer customized mattresses, made according to the single bed size they own. Nonetheless, people opt for single bed mattresses as they afford greater comfort and convenience. Many people don’t like sharing beds, as this means adhering to the way another person sleeps. For instance, someone sharing a bed with you may toss and turn, which disturbs your sleep. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress, here are the top nine benefits of purchasing a single bed mattress.

Room Size 

If you want to furnish a small room, such as that of a child or a solo person in a compact space, a single bed with a single bed mattress is ideal. For a child, for example, a Peps mattress is the ideal type with Bonnell springs, as it is soft yet yields to the body’s various positions and contours. While giving enough bounce, it retains its shape through wear and tear when a child uses it. As a single mattress, it may be the perfect choice for a child or a single bed adult occupant. In India, the majority of homes are compact, with small rooms that are just right for single bed mattresses.

Affordable Mattresses

Single bed mattresses are more affordable, and are great value for money, since they are smaller than double bed mattresses. If you are on a budget, you may want to explore a single bed mattress that you can get with the most advanced technology, such as memory foam. You can buy the best single bed mattress today while shopping with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

Large Sizes

In India, you get a single bed mattress with sizes up to 36 inches x 75 inches, but if you buy a custom-made one, this can be increased to make a large-sized single bed mattress for yourself. With a slightly larger size, two children can easily sleep on one bed. Nonetheless, as children grow, you may need a bigger mattress or buy an additional single bed mattress.

Space Constraints

Related to room size is the limited space in children’s rooms. If you have two children to be housed in a small bedroom, you can have a set of bunk beds (one on top of the other) with a single bed mattress on each bed. This saves space and frees up room for a desk or a cupboard.

Affordable Bed Linen

A single bed mattress, being smaller than a double-sized mattress, that the matching bedding is also smaller and therefore cheaper. This includes the bedding, in terms of sheets, pillowcases and bamboo quilt cover. These have to be in small sizes to match your single bed size, and hence will be more cost-effective.

Orthopaedic Uses

Mattresses like the single bed Peps mattress are great for people with orthopaedic issues, and lower and upper back problems. Offering superb support without losing shape, the mattress comes with dual spring types — Bonnell and pocketed. It can withstand pressure as you change positions as well. Individuals with medical issues will likely choose a single bed mattress to sleep on, rather than share a double bed mattress because the other person may not have the same medical problems, and might prefer a regular mattress. Moreover, individuals with back-related issues may experience restless sleep, because of the other individual’s movement on a double bed mattress.


A single bed mattress is easy to lug around owing to its size. Not only can it be moved from room to room, but it can be carried to a new residence when you move houses. It can also be used as an add-on for a guest just as a mattress, without a bed.


A single bed mattress is hardy and stands the test of time, as it is only used by a single person. Most double bed mattresses today, although robust with the best materials like springs and memory foam, do tend to be prone to depressions and dips. This is because two people will likely be using it, and the sleep patterns and weights of people differ.

Personal Space

Single bed mattresses give people personal space to sleep in without the bother of sharing space with someone else. A double bed mattress might hamper your sleep, especially if you are sharing it with a person whose sleep habits don’t match your own. You can buy the best single bed mattress today with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, and pay for it later in the form of EMIs. Furthermore, the EMI tenors range from 3 months to 24 months, and you can choose the repayment tenor that you are comfortable with.