Top 5 Websites to Earn Free Bitcoin Online 

As auditors, miners get paid for their jobs. They do the job of checking the validity of transactions with Bitcoin. This convention is intended to hold honest Bitcoin users and was conceived by the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Miners are helping to avoid the ‘double-spending problem’ by checking transactions. 

There are many free bitcoin sites called “faucets” or GPT (get-paid-to) where you can receive daily free bitcoin just to perform basic tasks, respond to short responses, etc. You just need to register and start receiving free of charge. 

Best Websites to Earn Free Bitcoin Online 

You must have a Bitcoin address to receive BTC from free bitcoin pages. You must first download a Bitcoin wallet or sign up for a Bitcoin wallet online to get a Bitcoin address and they will give you an address. 

Bitcoin faucets are the most common way of receiving free Bitcoin. You can receive free Bitcoins here just by solving Captchas. Bitcoin PTC platforms are another means of receiving free Bitcoin. By visiting other websites, you can get free Bitcoins here. There are more successful Bitcoin PTC pages than bitcoin faucets. 

Bitcoin games are a lot more fun means of getting free Bitcoins. Have fun and win BTC free just by playing free games with bitcoin. Want to know more about how to mine bitcoin?. Click on the link for a free consultation. 

Maybe it’s got the best free Bitcoin faucet, so it’s a fantastic Bitcoin earning website. You will receive a free Bitcoin every second. Using their BTC faucet, you can receive Bitcoin by playing their games and by referring to new users to join you. 


If you want to invest in cryptocurrency using Bitcoins that rewards you for completing easy tasks or deals, Scarlet-Clicks is another trustworthy location. Once you have made $2,00, you will seek payment and funds are sent after a few days. You can buy it from Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash. 


After 2008, Neobux is one of the only legit and trustworthy bitcoin investing platforms that cost, there are many avenues to earn money and you are charged immediately. It’s really easy to earn BTC if you invest some gold. You will obtain your funds through Payza and turn them into BTC later on. 

This is one of the safest places to get instant free Bitcoin. 


One of the strongest Bitcoin investment places to get free Bitcoins is OptimalBux. To watch short advertisements, to complete easy surveys and to refer fresh users to join under you, you will get billed. 

Yet ‘Adpacks’ is the best feature on this platform. If you buy one AdPack, you’ll be paid back 120 percent. It’s a perfect place for quickly getting free bitcoin with no efforts. 

This is another fantastic PTC that will immediately allow you to receive free Bitcoins. Via their free Bitcoin faucet and linking to new people, you can earn money by viewing commercials. 

Free Bitcoin Sites? But They Come with Risks Too 

It is not recommended that you waste your time on some free online Bitcoin mining software that promises you quick and quick Bitcoins. These kinds of services are scams that need investment, and many of them are pyramid schemes that offer ridiculously high returns. 

If you want to know how to start a profitable investment in Bitcoin mining, contact the experts at Phoenix Dubai. Call them today and get a free consultation about mining machines and crypto wallets.

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