Top 5 Developers’ Secrets to Selling Games on Android

Statista reports that Google Play Store hosted around 490,000 mobile gaming apps in the third quarter of 2022. With a flood of choices available to gamers, the odds of your app getting eyeballs can be slim.

However, there’s still hope if you play your cards rights. According to GO-Globe, 78% of gamers are Android users. To give your game the best possible shot at success, here are five top tips from some of the best sales training programs.

Promote your game

Creating a buzz around your app before its launch can whet your fans’ appetite. It’s also a powerful way to engage with your existing user base more effectively or expand into new target audiences.

Depending on your budget, there are several ways to tackle this activity. You could:

  • Create game play trailers and share them on your online platforms. Include stunning visuals and a narrative to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Work with a popular social media influencer. They can promote your game to their followers, increasing its reach.
  • Share highlights of the game’s progress on your website. This strategy can help boost its organic search.

Optimize your game’s app store and web pages

For people to find and enjoy your game, they need to discover it first. Optimizing your game’s app store and web pages helps create a knock-out first impression. In addition, it can boost your search result ranking.

One option is to leverage app store optimization (ASO). Also known as Mobile App SEO, ASO focuses on enhancing key features of the app’s product pages to increase audience engagement. For example:

  • Place relevant, trending keywords in strategic spots like the app’s name, description text, and URL.
  • Add a short, catchy description to your game’s brand name.
  • Use striking colors on your screenshots.

Run a soft launch

Glitches and bugs can doom your game to an early grave. Not to mention also damage your reputation. Avoid this nightmare situation by running a soft launch.

A soft launch lets you test your game with select real players without overwhelming the servers. Their feedback helps iron out any kinks that could negatively impact the gaming experience.

To run an effective soft launch program, sales trainers recommend:

  • Define your KPIs in advance and track results closely.
  • Choose a target audience that mimics your desired launch market.
  • Test in multiple phases and use different platforms.
  • Respond quickly to user feedback. It encourages players to give you feedback and keeps them engaged.

Offer exceptional customer support

Gamers are not faceless, powerless entities. They can be a powerful force that disrupts your business if mishandled, else gamers can turbocharge your growth. To keep them blissfully content and loyal, offer exceptional customer support.

A study by PlayHaven found that 78% of customers who received poor customer service experience jumped ship. When gamers get stuck, they want quick and competent support.

Here are some practical customer support steps taught in top sales training classes:

  • Provide a comprehensive FAQ page with troubleshooting tips and other gameplay tutorials.
  • Use seasoned gamers as support agents.
  • Offer email, live chat, and in-game support.

Use effective monetization strategies

Monetization doesn’t just boost revenue; it can create a positive user experience. The benefit of delighting your users is greater engagement and higher retention rates.

Some strategies popular with game developers include in-app purchases, ads, and subscriptions. Knowing when and how to implement these strategies is part of the secret to raking in the benefits.

So, keep the following in mind:

  • Have a solid plan for monetization before launching the game.
  • Test the waters – start with a free version, then move to paid or freemium.
  • Avoid bombarding users with ads.
  • Value trumps price. Make sure users understand the value they get from in-app purchases.

Selling games on Android is highly competitive. The industry has experienced massive growth in the last few years. These sales tips from various training programs can help you hit the ground running and carve out a successful niche.