Top 5 Advices Before Claiming A Casino Bonus You Should Know

Almost all gamblers will want to claim a bonus before they start gambling at an online casino. If you are an experienced gambler, you probably know a thing or two about these bonuses. But if you are a newbie you will need to know these 5 things. They can help you get the most out of the 200% deposit bonus UK and have better odds when it comes to winning. Don’t worry, these are simple things to know.

Check Wagering Requirements

The first thing you need to know is that wagering requirements apply to almost all online casino bonuses. This is the number of times you need to bet before you can withdraw the winnings. The number does matter. For example, some casino bonuses will have very high wagering requirements of up to 90 times. This means that you have to bet 90 times before you can withdraw your winnings. As you can assume, this is a high number!

Aim for bonuses that have around 30-40 times wagering requirements. These are considered low and you can still meet the requirements easily. If you can find a bonus with even lower wagering requirements you should claim it. Lower is always a better choice and something you need to consider right now.

Keep in mind that not all bonuses have wagering requirements. Some don’t have them at all. Those are known as no wager casino bonuses and they are very appealing. You can search for specific casinos that offer these promotions and claim most of them. Luckily in the United Kingdom, you do have a nice selection of online casino bonuses without any wagering.

Look At the Expiration Date

As you may know, already casino bonuses have an expiration date. In some cases, you are looking at a 24 hours time frame. In other words, you will have 24 hours to use the bonus completely. If you don’t use it, it will be removed. There is no way around this.

We must tell you one more thing. The duration and how long the bonuses are valid varies greatly. You can see that some casinos have one month of the time frame during which you can use a bonus. Others have 7 days, while some have 14 days.

The only way you can learn and get a better idea about this is to check the bonus terms or the details on the promotions page. There you will see all the details related to the bonuses and how to use them properly.

On Which Games Bonuses Apply?

Gamblers also need to know and understand that all bonuses apply to specific games. For instance, free spins are given to just one slot or in some cases multiple slots, developed by just one software developer. Match deposit bonuses are available on more games but not all the casino has to offer.

Once again, the only way you can learn about this is to check the bonus terms section or the details of the bonus on the promotions page. Once you know which games are applicable, you can play those and win instantly. If you play other games, you will not use bonus funds but rather the money you have deposited at the casino.

Choose The Best Casino

We must add this advice and it does make a lot of sense. For example, the best casino will give you the best bonuses, additional offers, and also the ability to play all the games you want to play. This is an important piece of advice all gamblers should know as soon as possible.

The best casino would be safe as well. This simply means that it will have a UKGC license, use SSL and so much more. There is no need to tell you that you should gamble at safe casinos only. This is a huge and more than just an important thing to know. Use it every single time when you want to gamble online and you will be fine. By using the tip, you can always withdraw your winnings without a single issue.

Play Games With The Best RTP

RTP stands for return to player and all casino games have this. Usually, you can see these values on slots and they are high, above 98%. Some even have over 99% which is impressive. The percentage refers to the theoretical value of how much the game should give you back over a longer period of time. A higher percentage is always a better choice to make. It means that you have better odds of winning real money.

There is some research you need to complete in order to understand this term and to find the games that have the best RTP. If you like slots you will want to know all about RTP. However, other games have it as well so you need to know each one. In the case of table games, a variation can have RTP that is significantly different than other variations.

RTP is something that can be complicated to some players and something that can be overlooked more than anything else. But, it is important and beneficial to understand. All you have to remember is that a higher percentage is better and you should aim for the games with the highest RTP possible.

The Final Word

We hope that you are ready now to claim the best 200% deposit bonus UK available and have fun playing the games you want. This advices are simple to understand as we have mentioned at the beginning. But they are essential and can make your gambling session more profitable and more appealing. The last thing you need to know is that these facts you can use on all casino bonuses and all casinos in general.