Top 5 Advantages of Hydroseeding

If you’re still on the fence about whether to invest in hydroseeding, this post is a good read. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the advantages of hydroseeding and why you should leap forward with this revolutionising landscaping technique. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

1—Time and Cost Saving

Indeed, time and money tie directly to your bottom line. And let’s say hydroseeding is known to save both. Hydroseeding is the most economical way to create a healthy lawn compared to sodding and other traditional hand seeding methods.

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Hydroseeding will cost you 50 to 80 percent less than the price of sod. This is predominantly because it is not as labour-intensive as unrolling and installing sod rolls, requiring a large team of people with a host of equipment.

Similarly, hydroseeding is time-saving. It takes about 1/6 of the time required for hand seeding. This means that where the average hand sewed lawn project may take about half the day, the same area can be easily hydro seeded to completion in nearly an hour and a half with the best results. Read the next point to learn more about the hydroseeding results.

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2—Top-Notch Quality and Coverage

Hydroseeding offers superior quality results. This is because the system enables the grassroots to smoothly embed into the soil sooner and deeper than other conventional methods. Moreover, the fibres of hydro seeds then interlock and create a mat resulting in strong roots and healthy, green and long-lasting grass.

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With sod, it is difficult to hide seams while bare patches are visible with hand seeding. However, when you opt for hydroseeding, you can expect a flawless green lawn surface showcasing an uninterrupted line of uniformity. 

In addition to this, the slurry mix of hydroseeding contains a coagulant that ensures it stays put for quick growth and a healthy boost.

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3—Erosion Control

This is perhaps one of the most crucial and popular reasons for hydroseeding. 

The Hydroseeding technique holds moisture while providing excellent protection against erosion from wind, pests, rain and sun through the binding of mulch, tackifiers, seed and soil conditioners.  

Did you know that hydroseeding retains nearly ten times its weight in water? This helps hold moisture and stimulate fast germination. As the hydroseeding slurry retains moisture throughout the mixing and application process, once done, the mulch protects the seeds against erosion, wind and sun damage.

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Erosion control ensures that seeds get the nutrients they need to aid germination and create the perfect growing environment—one that is completely devoid of spots, patches, and seams. Also, it is not susceptible to the disturbance caused by animals or washouts due to heavy downpour of rain, even on steep slopes, as it stays in place.

4—Resists Disease and Weeds

In comparison to sod, hydroseeding is a good investment as it allows you to maintain a thick and full yard with even and healthy growth. This is because hydroseeding is grown on your premises, unlike a distant sod farm.

Consequently, it spares you from the risk of soil adaptation issues and transplant shocks. Hydroseeding provides an ideal microenvironment for the seed germination process, ensuring that the seed grows healthy and is deep-rooted in the ground where moisture is the greatest. All this ensures that the hydroseeded lawn is both healthy and resistant to diseases and weed growth.

5—Versatile and Feasible Solution 

This is a big advantage, especially for those who love gardening but can’t enjoy it because they reside in hard-to-reach areas where even alternative seeding methods can’t deliver satisfactory results. With hydroseeding, you can economically seed large and hard-to-reach areas with the utmost ease.  

Hydroseeding provides a feasible solution. It can be used for:

  •         Creating residential lawns
  •         Ensure erosion control 
  •         Achieve hillside stabilisation 
  •         Ensure vegetation restoration 
  •         Repair wildfire damage 
  •         Beautify national parks and more

Hydroseeding is also versatile because of the variety of seeds added to the hydroseeding slurry mix. You can select the seed type depending on job sites and targeted purpose.

As hydroseeding is a new revolution in the landscaping and construction industry, make sure that you find a company that is expert at it. Many websites, like iSeekplant, can help you with your search, so make sure to put some time and effort into it!

Do some legwork before you hire a contractor. The research will help you ensure that the service provider you plan to work with has the expertise, team and know-how of the process and will deliver the best results as desired and expected. 

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