Top 3 Luvmehair wigs that help you stay natural no matter which hairstyle you try


Styling uniquely and still maintaining that natural look is not easy at all. However, some wigs help you with that. When looking for such a wig, aesthetics must not be your only requirement, and practicality must also be considered.

So, here we will discuss some of the best wigs we have found to let you style uniquely while keeping everything as natural as possible.

Top 3 wigs that help you stay natural no matter which hairstyle you try

The following are our top 3 picks for the wigs that help you stay natural no matter which hairstyle you try.

Body Wave Wigs

Body wave wigs are attractive because of their subtle wavy hair structure. The hair of these wigs is neither straight nor too wave. So, this minimalist level of waves makes them good for everyone regardless of whether they have curly or straight hair. The waves will provide you with an experience like no other wigs, and the body wave wigs also come with the following qualities.

·       Body wave wigs offer styling versatility in one option.

With most wigs, you must stick to a few hairstyles, and you cannot try different styles. Things are much different when it comes to the body wave wigs. Firstly, these are available with varying specifications, including length, cut, color, etc.

Secondly, one wig allows you to try different hairstyles. So, if you carefully select and style your wig, you may enjoy versatility.

·       Body wave wigs have natural looks, feel, and features like no other wig.

These are amazing in terms of looks. Body wave wigs are made with natural human hair, where the waves are also their natural characteristic. So, when using these, you will find everything about these wigs to look and feel like your natural hair.

On top of everything, the body wave wigs have a hair structure that easily blends in with your personality. It results in these wigs being undetectable even when looked at closely.

·       You will never find an issue, especially regarding the reliability of the wig.

Body wave wigs never bring any reliability or durability issues. It is because of the premium lace and hand-knotted human hair. All the qualities of these wigs come from the characteristics of the hair so that they will last for years without any issues.

The pre-plucked hairline makes these look even better. All these qualities also make these wigs feel more comfortable than other wigs.

Afros Inspired Wig

Next up is the afros inspired wig. It is a unique hair structure that is made with extremely tight curls. Due to tight curls, the volume of hair increases, and the hairs form a round structure around your head. It is one of the unique wig types and comes with a glamorous charm that goes well with many different attires.

·       Never damage your original hair, and try the afros inspired wig instead.

Getting extremely tight curls in your natural hair is possible, but that will be time-consuming and expensive. On top of all, these curls will not go away soon, so if you don’t like them, there will be no option other than living like this for a few months.

On the other hand, the afros inspired wig brings an instant experience for you. You will never damage your natural hair.

·       The afros inspired wig is the easiest to install and style

Afros inspired wig comes with a glueless installation experience. So, putting it on your head will be a matter of seconds. Additionally, these are easy to style. Sometimes, leaving the hair open or using a headband will look amazing. However, this wig will never restrict you if you want to try different hairstyles.

·       The ultra-premium lace afros inspired wig offers the best comfort

Afros inspired wig comes with an ultra-premium lace that is very thin and instantly blends well with your skin. The thin lace of this wig is also the reason for making it extremely comfortable for every season.

Bob Lace Front Wigs

Working women cannot choose a lot of wigs to wear to work, but when it comes to the bob lace front wigs, they never face an issue. It is also the reason behind the wide popularity of these wigs. The combination of frontal lace design and bob cut means you will enjoy everything from practicality to aesthetics with these wigs.

Here are a few ways these wigs bring the best value for you.

·       Bob lace front wigs offer the best comfort because of short hair.

There is no comparison between these and any other wig type when it comes to comparison. It is because bob lace front wigs bring you comfort in every way possible. Starting with their lace that is so comfortable, when we move to the hairs, the short length helps, making them lightweight. Thus, these wigs offer better breathability around your head as well as for the scalp.

·       When buying bob lace front wigs, you never need to stick with a few options.

Bob lace front wigs come with many varying features, so you always have many options to choose from. When looking for these wigs, you can find different hair textures, styles, and volumes. The best part about these wigs is that you can style them according to your requirements with higher attention to detail because of the frontal lace structure.

·       If you are a beginner with wigs, then these are a must-try for you

While these wigs don’t make you compromise on any of the features and styling options, you still get a very easy experience. If you are a beginner in the world of wigs, bob lace front wigs are a must-have product for you. With instant styling and application experience, these will offer you many learning opportunities.

Final Remarks:

Whether you are a beginner with wigs or have a lot of experience, it is always better to go with wigs that maintain natural looks. All other features come after that, and the ones we discussed here bring natural looks and help you style with flexibility.