Top 3 Glitches & Secret Tricks Removed In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Today we are taking a look at some of the coolest glitches and secrets that since launch have been removed from Animal Crossing New Horizons.

3 ACNH Glitches & Secret Tricks Removed

Since the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons over 16 months ago now we’ve seen some pretty awesome glitches discovered within the community that often led to unique gameplay. That’s considered an exploit or anything that would have damaged the in-game ecosystem such as duplicating tricks but instead leaning towards unintended gameplay glitches or bugs that resulted in some pretty interesting outcomes. So if you’re excited to learn more about some old glitches and hidden secrets, here are 3 of the coolest glitches removed in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Buy Rdp easily from reliable source.

1. Custom Trees

Last year the community began seeing a variety of custom trees surface on players islands, essentially these were like fruit trees or money trees or even the egg trees that we see during the Bunny Day event. But instead of having apples or ACNH bell bags, they would feature other Animal Crossing items from within the game in their place. The most popular trees seemed to include star fragments or heart crystals and these items would appear as if the tree had grown them. This wasn’t the case and was a result of the item tree being manipulated with save edits. Now they were more often than not used as part of the island’s theme or design than anything else. So weren’t really harmful to the ecosystem because they didn’t really add any value to the game. However, trees such as the star fragment tree weren’t ever really intended to be a thing, so were quickly removed in the 1.5 update last year and many dream addresses featuring them were banned or deleted.

2. Secret Waterfall

Not too far into the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons, players began experimenting with the island design tools and terraforming more and more complex areas, it wasn’t long until some users discovered that. If you terraformed a checkerboard grid of small waterfalls along a thin cliff it was possible to jump through the waterfalls and the cliff itself. This led many players to use the in-game bug to create secret areas and secret waterfall entrances. At first looked inaccessible it was a pretty unique glitch, unfortunately this was completely unintended gameplay and was a result from a conflict between the jumping mechanic and collision boxes of the waterfalls. And although it wasn’t harmful to the game in any way it was unintended a bit unrealistic and therefore fixed.Read more about sattamataka143

3. Fences On Docks

Now an in-game bug that went unnoticed for a long time was placing fences on the dock or pier, that is located on the beach of the New Horizons island under the right conditions that involved placing patterns on your dock first and then building a fence panel on top. It was possible to place fences along the entire length of the dog, you could even place them at different angles for a while. Players use this to their advantage to make their dock stand out from the rest with unique designs. Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, this was actually unintended mechanics and was seemingly removed from the most recent 1.10 update. Back in April, the official changelog for the update even addressed this and fixed an issue where the player could build a fence on the pier when standing on top of a custom design placed on the ground. This wasn’t harmful to the game in any way, so it has led many people to assume Nintendo are preparing the dock for something in a future here pagalmovies

So that’s 3 rather unique secrets or glitches that Nintendo eventually removed from ACNH. What do you think about these? Are you glad to see Nintendo fixing bugs or would you like the idea of placing fences on dogs? Read more about f95zone

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