Tips to Designing Good Photobook Layouts

A photo book should be a resemblance of a perfect store for your sweet memories. It needs to look great in all aspects. Therefore, as you plan on designing one, find the best hacks. When thinking about the enlargement of photos and the choice of themes, remember the page layouts. The composition needs to be sublime for the book to look organized. Luckily these days, some tools introduce you to many options of custom photo books templates. This blog focuses on the tips for creating a perfect layout.

Right Photos Balance

Having a large pile of photos often prompts the need to have a large photo book. It even brings the need to combine as many pictures as possible on one page to accommodate every piece. As much as this seems convenient, it’s not advisable. Doing so makes the pages look too stuffy as well as challenging when including text on the pages.

Give some breathing room for the images and, if possible, allocate no more than two pictures on one page. However, the size of your photos matters a lot to the number to include. If you do some enlargement like in most cases, let each image be on its page.

Vary the Spreads

After thinking about the balance of photos for the book, you may conclude to allocate the correct number of pages to make everything look well-spaced. However, there is a trick to make viewers of your pictures not get bored. Having a single photo on every page to the end will precisely not be that captivating.

For instance, when it comes to the photos of wedding events, it creates uniqueness if you include more photos on a page. Have a pattern to guide the distribution of the pictures. For instance, you can alternate the pages with one, two, and four images. The bottom line is having a way of altering the configuration of the pages to create some uniqueness. Being creative will help a lot at this stage.

Be a Good Storyteller

A photo book is no different from a typical book when it comes to telling a story. Therefore, have a way to organize the photos such that a viewer will see the chronological occurrence of events. For instance, if it was a trip, take them through the whole journey by perfectly combining the images. 

A well-crafted event book will make your family and friends feel like they were in the event with you. However, there is no problem in combining pictures with something ordinary. For instance, you could have images of the foods you took during the vacation, and keeping them all on one page will send a clear message.

Prepare Beforehand

It is much quicker to design the pages when you have the right images with you. In most cases, we have a stockpile of pictures from which we need to choose the best. The right thing is filtering only the favorite ones, making the next printing step much more uncomplicated.

A beautiful photo book comes from a good page layout. Therefore, understanding the determinant factors in making the arrangements excellent is necessary. Think about the photo balance and variation of the photos throughout the book. Also, remember to make the images in chronological order so that they tell a good story.