Tips To Arrange Your BookShelf

A bookshelf adds character and life to your home. If you are a book lover, a bookshelf is a must-have accessory. Wakefit offers a wide range of quality bookshelves. Organising your bookshelf is the key to accessing your favourite book. It is not all about practicality; it adds style and class with innovative bookshelf organization ideas. A well-organised bookshelf looks neat and lifts the ambience of the room. There are plenty of ways you can style your bookshelf. Buy a bookshelf online and organise it based on your needs and personal taste. Here are some innovative ideas for arranging your bookshelf.

Organising Your Book Shelf

An organised bookshelf lifts the ambience of your room. There are plenty of ways to organise your bookshelf to add charm to your personal space. Switch to creative strategies to organise your bookshelf for a stylish look. Here are some unique ideas to organise your bookshelf and make it look special.

Update Your Book collection

This is the first step in organising your bookshelf. Start from scratch by emptying the shelves. Never try to arrange the entire book collection. This can be a complete disaster. Declutter the books and donate the unused ones. Limit the book collection that you enjoy reading. Buy bookshelf online based on the size of your book collections. Arrange only a limited book collection on your bookshelf for a neat look.

Layer It

Layering is key to organising books on your bookshelf. This is an excellent idea to organise your bookshelf by adding interest to it. There are different layering techniques used for organising your bookshelf. Make your bookshelf look appealing by layering it. Add a unique personality to your bookshelf by layering it right.

Arrange By Genre

Organise books based on genre or niche. This helps you pick books based on your interests. It is an excellent idea to organise books based on a topic of interest. Books can be organised into fiction and nonfiction. Categorise your books into different categories like action, romance, mystery, fantasy, etc. This can help you access books with ease. Install a modern bookshelf for arranging books based on genre.

Order It Alphabetically

Arranging books based on the alphabetical order of the books is a common way of arranging your books. This traditional way of organising is the easiest way to keep your bookshelf looking neat. Use bookshelves with drawers for extra storage. You can sort books based on the alphabetical order of the author or title. Let everyone in the house know it. 

Try out the Rainbow Effect

Arranging a bookshelf is not all about ease of use; adding style and beauty is important. This would add an aesthetic look to your room. Add an attractive touch to your bookshelf by deciding on a colour scheme when arranging books. Start with dark colours and proceed with light colours. A solid wood bookshelf would be the perfect choice to try out the rainbow effect on your bookshelf. This creates a sense of order on your bookshelf. This colour scheme creates an aesthetically pleasing effect on your bookshelf. 

Create Space for Your Favorite Books

Create a dedicated space on your bookshelf to arrange close-to-heart books. This is a great idea to personalise your open bookshelf. You can pop out your favourite book and enjoy reading it. There is no need to search through all of your book collections to pick your favourite book. Book stackers or dividers help to create a prime space for the frequently used book collection. If you are an avid reader, then this book organisation idea is an excellent way to flick through your favourites.

Organize Based On Size

Books come in different sizes. Some are big, small, short, tall, thick, or thin. Arranging them based on size is a practical way of organising your bookshelf. A corner bookshelf looks great when you arrange books based on size. This adds symmetry and style to your room. Place heavier books on the bottom and lighter books on the top. Group books of similar size for a more streamlined look.

Never Overcrowd

This is quite important when organising your bookshelf. A crowded bookshelf makes it difficult to pull out your favourite book. A cluttered bookshelf does not look appealing. Make sure to allow the books to breathe on the bookshelf. Leave ample space on the bookshelf for an elegant look. Go for a ladder bookshelf if you have a huge collection of books. Embrace minimalism when organising your bookshelf. Fill the bookshelf with only two-thirds of the books. 

Decorate ‘with Other Decors

A bookshelf is not only a place for your books. Think creatively and include other decor items like photo frames, flower vases, artwork, etc. on your bookshelf. This can add warmth and personality to your room. Placing your favourite art piece creates a visual impact on the entire room. Display picture frames, paintings, etc. for a lovely look. Pop up the coloured glass on your bookshelf to add extra charm. Decorate your engineered wood bookshelf with the right decor for an overall new look.

Style Right With Stacks

Stacking your books can make your bookshelf look interesting. Avoid vertical stacking, as it is a common way of arranging books. Stack books horizontally to make the bookshelf more functional for use. Make your bookshelf practical by styling it with stacks. You can also stack books in baskets for a stylish touch.

Add Greenery

Bring some greenery to your bookshelf. This improves the aesthetics of your room. Including green plants or succulents on your bookshelf along with books adds life to your room. This is a natural way to decorate your bookshelf. Your room looks fresh when you place green plants alongside books.

Try out the above ideas to organise your bookshelf and give it a unique look. The above helps you make your bookshelf look stylish and modern. Implement a perfect organisation idea based on your needs and personal choices. Make your bookshelf look more interesting with the above ideas.

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