Tips On Buying A Custom Neon Sign

A neon sign is the next greatest way to express your emotions and creativity as a decoration, gift or simply a promotion for business. You can get a custom neon sign made now for whatever event you like. It does not have to be a specific shape, size or colour. Anything will work! Although these are easy to buy since all you have to do is present the manufacturer with a design, you still have to keep some things in mind while buying custom made neon building signs.

Choosing A Reliable Service

The shop where you are getting your glowing sign matters a lot. It you choose some service online, make sure it is reliable and not a scam. Check the reviews given by their previous customers and ask your friends and family for recommendations. Neon signs are not very cheap, so when you are investing money in them, make sure you do proper research beforehand. Online stores can turn out to be a scam very often. When going to buy a neon sign at a store, check the material and switch it on at the shop. Do it multiple times and make sure you are satisfied with what you are buying.


Your budget is essential to keep in mind. You can find cheap neon signs but they will not have as great of a quality as the ones that are costly. Also, the price of a neon sign depends on the customization. The more colours you add and the more complex a design is, the higher it will cost. So, you can get a custom neon sign that stays in your budget easily. If you do not want it custom made, there are plenty of designs already available. You can simple buy one of those too.

Quality Of The Neon Sign

Since a neon sign involves glass and electricity, it is crucial that you do a strict quality check. Any leniency on this part can be a serious hazard. Make sure you buy a good quality neon sign that has a guarantee. If the glass is too thin or the sign makes any sort of noise while turning on or off, it is extremely dangerous. These signs can explode if not manufactured properly or if they have any sort of fault in them. Do not compromise on the quality of your custom neon sign at all.

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