Tips for Bringing a DJ for Wedding Entertainment

The wedding is something sacred where two people make a promise to live together forever. Considering that the moment is sacred and only happens once in a lifetime, of course, many people want all the best, from the blessing to the wedding reception.

It seems, a party without music will definitely feel lonely, right? Therefore you need to consider hiring the services of a Wedding DJ on the day of the wedding.

The wedding party is a happy moment not only for the bride and groom. All the guests present also felt happiness. The excitement of the wedding party will be increasingly felt by the presence of musical entertainment. One of the music that is being loved is Maine Wedding DJ.

DISC jockey or DJ may be synonymous with entertainment at a particular nightclub or party. Even if invited to a wedding, DJ music games are usually presented as after-party entertainment after the official event is over. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you ask the DJ to mix up the music to play during the event.

Not only serving hip hop or warehouse music, but a professional DJ is also able to present other music needed at a wedding. It’s amazing how chair covers, tablecloths, wedding linen direct chair sashes can transform any occasion

As long as you communicate about the desired playlist and read the following complete tips before inviting a Wedding DJ on your happy day.

1. Pay attention to the wedding venue

Before deciding to invite a DJ as an entertainer to your party, make sure first where the venue will be held. After that, coordinate with the venue regarding the licensing of presenting DJs as wedding entertainment.

2. Tell Your Wedding Theme

The wedding theme is one of the things that distinguishes your special day from other weddings. So that the nuances of the theme that are carried are increasingly felt with the musical accompaniment that is presented, you can inform the invited DJs about this. Ask the DJ to play a certain song according to the theme that is carried. For example, if your wedding takes a retro or vintage theme, the DJ can play certain old songs to match the theme.

3. Organize Playlists

The DJ may be more familiar with the playlist for your wedding. But at the very least, you need to make a playlist of what songs you want to play and shouldn’t play on your wedding day.

At least give the DJ a playlist at least two weeks before the wedding day. Not only giving playlists but also conveying any moments at your wedding that need the DJ’s musical accompaniment.

4. Hire a professional DJ

There are so many names of professional DJs, but not all of these DJs have experience performing at weddings. It will be an advantage if you invite a DJ who has already handled weddings. They certainly understand better how to set the mood of the invited guests through the music they play.

5. Prepare DJ needs

Just like any other type of entertainment, a DJ may need an hour or two before the event starts. Starting from setting up equipment, checking sound, and verifying playlists. For that, provide a place for them to prepare themselves. If necessary, provide snacks and soft drinks to make the DJ energetic to entertain your wedding party.

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