Three useful apps for storing video diaries on the Internet

As somebody shares their lives among others, they engage in daily activities and keep a diary and a blog. Save your video diary instead of your written date. As people share their lives with others, they engage in daily activities and keep a diary and a blog. If you require a video diary, preferably of a written date, check out a few apps also websites.

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1. The first day

The first day (iOS, Android) allows you to write a journal accepting photos, audio records, videos, plus text. Keeping a diary is one of these best organizations. It gives a close, personal observation that makes you feel your personal digital space (of the way it is).

The free version allows you to add as many records as you require. In contrast, the prepaid premium version allows you to sync between different Day One app and customer care, providing unlimited cloud storage.

2. second every day

Starting from the video diary’s left side, we delete this list every day (iOS and Android). Alternatively, of shooting simple time videos, during 1SE, you shoot a clip for a second all day and document a sizeable old part of life and combine it into a windy slide show.

There is something about that method of documenting your experience through such little clips. The way you manage your videos is the best way to service it with very little maintenance and turn precious minutes into a great continuum.

3. Live Journal

Live Journal to subscribe to a personal journal or share your post in the Live Journal community. That integrates the blog with social media so people can assign their content to people from other perspectives.

You can use LiveJournal online and mobile phones with disabilities for free. If you don’t want to get more pictures and ads, subscribe to one of the three plans.

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