Things to look for in changing your lifestyle and environment

1. Personal behavior and environment that affect health 

Every person’s behavior affects one’s health, good or bad, directly or indirectly. Diseases called chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and asthma account for a high proportion of all deaths. And these are causing high medical costs and lab our loss. In chronic diseases, the factors that increase the probability of their occurrence are called risk factors.

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 What determines our health? The central reasons for death are cancer, heart disease, and stroke, which account for more than 60% of those who die from these three. What are the factors and risk factors related to death, including these? See the following figure. It is a graph that depicts four factors that influence the length of life (up to 75 years) in the United States and Canada.

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2. Individual consciousness that influences behavior

These health-related behaviors are not always desirable for everyone’s health. Could I ask the reason? Studies have examined the characteristics of people who influence these behaviors. Let’s introduce them in order.

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3. Stage of change in consciousness (timing)

The types of individual consciousness that affect behavior are all over, but the last question is the timing of the intention to act. Any behavioral change starts with not knowing that it’s better to do so, or even if you know it, you don’t realize that it applies to you. From the time when you have little interest (indifference period), you realize that it is good for you (interest period), think about how you can do it (preparation period). When you start changing to break your echo chamber, you will be yourself. The idea is to go through five periods; one is to think about the rewards and gain confidence (the action period). The other is to prevent the behavior from returning (maintenance period).

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Even if lifestyle improvement is needed, I realize that it is difficult to sustain without self-efficacy. Even if it is said that if you do not lose weight by exercising, the risk of developing high blood pressure increases; but if you do not have high blood pressure yet and exercise does not have an immediate effect, it won’t be easy to sustain it.

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