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Water is the most precious resource we find in nature, one should think about how to unclog pipes so that you can save and use water properly.

Whether it is kitchen sink or drainage there are many ways to unclog them, which should be done immediately without any delay.

Why do clogs happen?

It is clear when your sinks are clogged with hair or toilet papers in bathrooms. When it comes to the kitchen this is usually caused by large food particles.

How to identify clogs?

  • You can see water takes a long time than ordinary flow in a bathtub, sink, and shower.
  • Toilets won’t flush and these can be identified very simply.
  • Dirty odor which you can’t see but should unclog it.
  • Large particles in kitchen sinks make the flow slow.

Ways to unclog

Remove with Hand

Put rubber gloves and unclog the stuff struck there, sometimes you can see on the surface and should unclog it immediately, or even you can use some wire for unclogging.

Plumber’s snake

It is also called drain cleaner where you send a metal wire and unclog it, it is a flexible one. Plastic disposable versions are also available for plumber’s snake. Make sure you must clean the Plumber’s snake after unclogging it.


Cups-style plungers are mostly used. They are not only for unclogging toilets and can be used in kitchen sinks also. You should create a tight seal with the plungers and make 6 up and down thrusts, where sealing should be tight. Then you find water flow is regular, but when it is not clear then just start repeating the process.

Boiling Water

It helps to dissolve softer build-up which includes the soap or grease around the corners. Repeat it as needed, mostly it is done three or four times.

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Natural Drain Cleaner

A mixture of white distilled vinegar and baking soda can be effective to unclog. Because conventional drain cleaners may not be successful always, such natural drain cleaners are effective.

One should pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain, then pour 1 cup of vinegar. Plug it with a rag and for one hour allow this mixture for further process and then rinse with some boiling water and repeat the process necessarily.

Clean the Drain

You can see the clog will sometimes be struck at the U-pipes under the sink, place any tub or bucket after cleaning the area. Use a wrench to lose the nuts and unclog the stuff inside the pipes, where you can fill that stuff in the tub or bucket you keep below the sink. Then clean and again attach the U-pipe to a sink.


If you feel difficulty with all the above-mentioned ways it’s the final option for you to call a plumber for unclogging the pipes.

How to prevent it?

Drain traps

You find hair to be struck in showers and bathrooms and large foods in kitchen sinks, Drain traps are best when it comes to unclogging the hair and Mesh traps are best for kitchen sinks.

Avoid Excess waste

While cutting vegetables don’t just throw the wastage into the kitchen sink the peels and some oil-based stuff affect the pipes to be clogged. Also check debouchage canalisation ile de france

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