Things to consider before purchasing solar water heating system

This is a machine that is used to heat water by the use of sunlight energy. The machine’s system is mounted on a roof with radiation from the sun via a heat transfer unit where radiation is converted into useful heat energy which is finally transferred to the water heating area.

There are various types of machines that can perform the work of heating water with an added advantage. After installation, bills associated with water heating drops to 80% because the sin is free and future price fluctuations won’t affect you. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following before purchasing any of the water heating machines that use solar energy.

Water source

Water source is important since hard water and soft water differ in terms of temperature and degree of heating. There are direct heating systems that are used differently for both soft and hard water. The direct heating system is used for soft water only where water is heated directly by the solar heater. The indirect heating system is used on hard water to avoid any blockages brought about by impurities in hard water.

Amount of water used

If it’s a large family using hot water then the solar heater can heat enough water to satisfy the family’s needs. For a place like school hostels, hotels and others, the amount of water needed is more than that of families, therefore, their solar power should be way more powerful to satisfy the large need for hot water.

Tank type and available space

It’s important to consider the type of tank to use to avoid future losses. For example, large and stable tanks are suitable for a lot of water. And also tanks that can withstand the heat and retain it as well should be considered. The best tank is one made from cast iron which is capable of retaining heat and withstanding it as well. Space also goes with the tank size. Choose tanks to use according to the space available.

The reputation of a company

One should purchase a solar water heating system from companies with good reputation in terms of high quality, long life of service and other features. This gives one assurance that the heating system is good to go and it will be in service for the longest time. Also, ensure that before purchasing they do enough testing or their products have been tested and approved to be genuine and safe to use.


Maintenance boosts longevity and durability. It is crucial to consider how the solar heater is maintained. Maintenance should be done regularly for efficient operation and good results. Especially for hard water heating systems, tanks should be cleaned regularly for heating to occur efficiently. The solar panel should be carefully dusted or cleaned to remove dust that hinders sun rays from reaching the solar directly.


The above information is very crucial to consider, it gives one the move to make when he or she wants to purchase a water heating system his machine can only be effective when there is the presence of a gun. If water is largely used even when the sun is not available it’s important to consider another alternative to keep everything going.

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