The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Athletes and Fitness Buffs

Working out and playing sports can do wonders for the mind and body.

Doing these activities regularly allows you to relax. Moreover, they help improve your memory and boost your mood, enabling you to stay mentally healthy.

Additionally, any type of workout helps you stretch and strengthen your muscles and increases blood circulation. It also improves your balance and agility.

Working out or playing sports also stimulates the lymphatic system, which drains and cleans the fluids that leave your bloodstream. With its improved function, you will experience an increase in blood flow.

These two activities help keep your fluids balanced and boosts immunity.

Lastly, you flush out dirt and bacteria from your pores whenever you sweat as you work out. As a result, your skin becomes cleaner, clearer, and healthier.

However, working out or playing sports indoors and outdoors also comes with a few caveats. You need to follow the right practices before, during, and after engaging in a physical or sporting activity to stay safe and avoid injuries.

Also, you need to use the best skincare products in Dubai to avoid various skin problems caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and water, excessive sweating, and other harmful environmental elements.

Failing to protect and take care of your skin whenever you engage in your sport or workout can lead to different skin problems, including dryness, sunburn, flaking, breakouts, and the appearance of premature signs of aging.

Top Skincare Tips for Physically Active Individuals

Whether you are an athlete or fitness buff, below is a guide you should follow to keep your skin healthy and beautiful as you play your sport and go about your fitness or workout routine:


1.  Always protect your skin from the sun.

When you exercise or play outdoors, you need to be on your best guard against UV rays.

Regular exposure to UV rays, even the lowest levels, can damage your skin, leaving it dry and accelerating premature aging. It can even cause cancer.

To avoid these issues, you have to protect your skin from the sun regardless of the time of the day and whether you are outdoors or indoors.

Always wear sunscreen with at least SPF 50 before playing or working out. Also, reapply every hour or so if you sweat or get wet a lot. This simple practice ensures you protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Also, whenever possible, wear breathable, light clothes when doing physical activities. Doing so can help minimize your sweating and stop moisture from clinging to your outfit, which can prevent your skin from breathing properly.

Consider wearing specialized sweat-wicking sportswear since they keep you dry. They also make you less prone to chafing, a skin condition that causes irritation and blisters and leaves scars.

Lastly, if you are running, cycling, or playing outdoor tennis, try to do them during the cooler times of the day to avoid the harsh UV rays.

2. Hydrate inside and out.

Sweating is a natural and healthy reaction of your body when you are engaging in any physical activity. However, since it involves losing fluids, it can cause dehydration, which will affect your performance.

Dehydration can also cause your skin to dry out, leaving it unprotected and more prone to various skin issues.

As such, when doing any physical activity, sip water frequently. Aside from plain water, you can also drink fresh fruit juices and smoothies to stay hydrated.

Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Staying outdoors and exercising or playing can also dehydrate your dermis or the top layer of skin.

Using a moisturizer allows your skin to lock in moisture since it creates a barrier around the dermis.

Consider using a moisturizer with SPF 30. If you want to stick to sunscreens, apply moisturizer before putting on your sunblock.

Also, keep a face mist handy to spritz on your face and hydrate it when you feel hot.

3. Work out or play sports with a clean face.

When going to the gym, outdoors, or the court, apply only a moisturizer with sunscreen or sunblock and skip the makeup.

When you wear makeup while exercising or playing sports, your foundation, blush, and other cosmetic products will mix with dirt and perspiration, which can block your pores. As a result, sweat won’t be able to flow out naturally.

This can lead to irritation, breakouts, and inflammation of spots and blackheads.

Before applying your sunblock or moisturizer with SPF, wash your face thoroughly with a suitable cleanser first.

4. Spot-cleanse.

When you’re outdoors, sweat, dirt, dust, and other substances can easily build up on your skin.

When you don’t remove them quickly, other layers start building up even more on your skin, clogging your pores. They become harder to get rid of as well.

As such, always bring cleansing towelettes when exercising outdoors to clean and refresh your face frequently.

Also, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, wipe away sweat immediately with a clean towel whenever you feel them coming out or dripping.


5. Wash thoroughly after playing or exercising.

Once you’re done playing or working out, take a shower immediately to prevent rashes and acne from appearing.

Make sure you wear a pair of flip-flops when taking a bath in communal showers. The floors of these areas are breeding grounds for various types of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause foot problems, including athlete’s foot.

Also, always wash your body with mild soap. Use your facial cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly.

Make sure to use a clean towel to dry your skin and pat your body and face dry. Avoid rubbing them harshly.

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize after taking a bath and apply sunscreen before going out.

6. Exfoliate.

The skin constantly renews itself. Exfoliating regularly can help facilitate this process.

Exfoliating twice a week can also keep spots and signs of premature aging at bay.

Your weekly skincare routine should include both mechanical and chemical exfoliants. Exfoliate twice a week using an AHA peel or organic scrub.

For a deeper exfoliation or treatment that includes specialized tools or equipment, schedule one with your dermatologist or facial specialist every couple of months for healthy, glowing skin.

Following the right practices and strategies for working out and playing properly allows you to stay fit and safe as you achieve your wellness and athletic goals.

Practicing the right skincare habits before, during, and after engaging in physical or sporting activities also ensures you maintain healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin and keep various skin conditions at bay.

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